Sunday, July 14, 2013

Area 52 Flames of War Tournament

Area 52 included Flames of War in their annual tournament again this this year.  Ten FOW payers took part in a corner of one room amongst all the Fantasy & Sci-Fi players.  The historical gamers were very different demographic - with a much wider age range - from 11 to 65 & considerably less aromatic.  Once again a selection of the usual suspects from Camp Cromwell, Kingston B/Rats & Launceston GC turned out - where are the other people that buy the FOW stuff in the shop ?  Most of the scenery was set up by the Bunker Rats to their usual fine standard.
There were 5 rounds over the weekend - Counterattack, Encounter, Fighting Withdrawal, Hasty Attack & Dust Up. The prizes were all FOW terrain sets.  Competition was close with no one winning all 5 rounds & no one losing all 5 either.  The winner was the only one to win 4 games & there was little between the next several places.  Results:

1st: Nick Ridge - Panther Coy (previously LGC, now KBR).
2nd: Patrick Oxborough - Soviet Guards (KBR).
3rd: Jim Gandy - Hungarian Light Infantry (CC).

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