Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bolt Action

Steve & Jim's Germans v. Mike & Barrie's Brit Paratroopers

Maximum attrition mission = free for all.  We made it 8 turns not 6 to compensate for the larger table.  Both sides had 1,000 pts.  The Germans had 2 infantry, mortar, HMG, HQ & a Panther.   The Brits had 4 infantry, 2 PIATs, HMG, HQ & a Cromwell.  All vets except the Panther.
 Both sides put their tank on their right   The Germans moved up to defensive positions & waited for the Brits.
Barrie's high point of the battle:  His HMGs on the ridge needed 5's to hit the Germans in the houses, then 6's to kill...and did just that...that's 4 sixes following 4 5+'s.
The Germans quickly moved their Panther down the road to the left flank to take on the Cromwell.  Their mortar pinned a para unit down in the field on the right.
The Panther missed the Cromwell which ducked back over the hill.  It came out around the side of it for a side shot after the Panther started shooting up the paras, but missed.  The Panther missed again in reply, but got first move next turn and the Cromwell once again turned to Toast.  In the centre, the pars advanced to the line of trees and shot up the German HMG, but the German infantry moved left and took them out in turn.   On the left, the paras over-ran the Germans in the hamlet.

Both sides had lost 2 units when time ran out so it was a draw.   It was long enough since our last Bolt Action game for us to have forgotten most of it, but it gradually came back as we played.   Still good fun if a bit odd in some respects.

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