Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Harpers Ferry - the Rebs try again

Our American Civil War Maryland campaign continues.

Last week the Rebs failed in the their attack on Harpers Ferry.  But as they fell back in good order they were able to rally their troops overnight and having received a small division of 3 brigades of recruits decided to attack again next morning.  Both sides were fatigued by being in battle the day before & having had no rest, so stamina was down to 3 for infantry & 2 for cavalry.
The Union Line on Bolivar ridge looks out at the Rebs coming to get them - cavalry on the right, the reinforcements on the left.  On the far side of the Potomac the Rebs are bombarding the town from the Maryland Heights while their infantry wait strung out on the railway lines between river & hill. 
 The Union spread out to meet the oncoming swarm of infantry and dismounted cavalry
 The Union line is crumbling.
The Rebs are at the gates of the town & the Union have lost 40% of their units.  General Butler runs up the white flag.  Harper's Ferry and its invaluable arsenal are in Reb hands.

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