Sunday, July 28, 2013

Muskets & Tomahawks at Barries

Jim's French Canadians v. Steve's British

The French Canadians  had 2 Regulars, 2 Militia & 1 Indian.  Objective: Raid.
The British had a Grenadier, 2 Regulars & 1 Indian.  Objective: Scout.
The 1st pic is taken from behind the Brits, the rest from behind the Frogs.  The Frogs have had most of the early moves in turn 1, advancing their Regulars behind the houses (which they have to burn to fulfil their objective), their Militia through the cornfield in the centre & their Indians down the left side.  The Brits haven't moved yet.
The Brit Grenadiers have driven the Militia out of the cornfield with Steve's Panzer Lehr dice (the ones which always seem to throw 6's) and turned to fire on the French Indians (which had previously driven the British Indians back).  The Militia had set fire to the house before they had to retire.
On the left the Frogs have set fire to the other farmhouse and moved around the left of it.  The Brit Grens have driven the Indians back and resumed their advance on the centre.   The Militia have fallen back again.  The Frog Regs in the centre are exchanging fire with the Brit Regs by the river.
The Frog Regs have driven the Brit Regs by the river back into the woods.  The Brit left has advanced past the table centreline.   This was the end of turn 3 and it was determined that the Frogs had won.  They had burnt the two houses and achieved their objective while the Brits had not got troops into every quarter of the table to achieve theirs. 


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Good looking game!


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