Sunday, July 21, 2013

Muskets & Tomahawks at Barrie's

We fought two 300 pt battles on two 4' square tables.

Jim's French v. Rusty's British
The French objective was "Slaughter" - they have to kill all the villagers.
The British objective was "Raid" - they have to burn the village.& Canadians.
Either way not an attractive proposition for the villagers, though the ladies, particularly the comely barmaid in the tavern could at least have some hope that the French would misinterpret their orders.
The French in the foreground have their regulars deployed in the open ground right of centre, Indians & Militia in the woods on the left and Militia in the centre.  The British have Militia on their right and 2 Regular units centre & left.
The French Indians & Militia rushed down the left while the Regulars engaged the Brit Regulars.  The Militia in the centre took the tavern & with their firepower added to the Regs one of the Brit units was blown away.  On the left, the other Militia unit & the Indians drove the Brit Militia back.
 French firepower (& some bad morale dice) has routed the rest of the British forces leaving the villagers at the mercy of the French.

Leigh's British v. John's Indians

Your correspondent was too obsessed with his own battle to pay much attention to the next table.  He did notice a rather neat canoe on the river, that one of Leigh's units got savaged by a bear, and that John won.

Having now played 3 games of M&T I have decided that they provide a good fun game with scope for military skill rather than just learning to use the system.  They have their issues - the rules are not well laid out, there is no index, and the summary sheet is deficient.   However, John & others are working on a better summary sheet and that, and a bit more familiarity should solve those problems.    

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fireymonkeyboy said...

I'd more or less agree with your summation. A game that feels light and quick, but rewards thoughtful tactics, and the book could be better organized.