Monday, July 08, 2013

Napoleonics at Nicks

Continuing on with my attempt to find the ultimate Napoleonics rules, we played the same scenario with Field of Glory Napoleonics.

The battle was 3 French divisions (infantry, elite light infantry, and light cavalry) vs Austrians (infantry, landwehr, and cuirassiers)

Steve was the French, and Nick the Austrians. The French won -- their massed cavalry attacks on Austrian squares were stalled, but were slowly taking effect due to poor Austrian command. The French attack in the center stalled, and the Austians counterattackd. But the counterattack fell apart. And the Landwehr were starting to crumble against the elite French light infantry.

Steve says the game would have looked a lot better in 28mm -- which is true. But I refuse to succumb to the 28mm cancer that has spread through the group!

Field of Glory Napoleonic is an interesting set of rules. I think there is a great set somewhere in there -- I certainly felt they were 'crunchy' enough. But the table of contents is abysmal -- and there is no index. So finding something in the rules is impossible!

My summary of rules so far is that Lasalle has the best scenario generator. Black Powder probably has the most maneuver. But FOGN has the most crunchy detail. At the moment, if pressed to pick one it would be Lassalle by a nose over Black Powder.

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