Tuesday, July 02, 2013

ACW 15mm - Rules test for upcoming campaign

Jim & Mike's Confederates
Steve & Chris' Union

The Confederates had 2 Divisions of 8 infantry & 2 guns, one veteran, one trained.  The Union 1 Corps of 13 infantry & 3 guns, all trained.  The outnumbered Union force had to hold the road junction until nightfall (12 turns).
 Pics are taken from behind the Confederate lines.  The Union force is in a cordon defending the village & fields.  The wooded hills on each side are very difficult ground where a blunder means the units have got lost for the day.  The Rebs have their veteran division on the left, the trained division on the right.
 The 1st Reb division got good command dice and rushed forward to attack the Union right.  The 2nd Reb division spread out and with poor command dice advanced slowly to pin down the Union left.
 The impetuous Rebel advance was a 2 edged sword.  They broke a Union brigade, but exposed themselves to flank attack when the Union counterattacked from the village.  The Union artillery in the village also took a toll on the Reb attack columns.
 The union counterattack was beaten off, but it gained time to extend the line to the right.  the 2nd Reb division's deployment was painfully slow.
 The Rebel right is now putting real pressure on the Union centre.  Their left has broken through again, has wrapped around the Union right and has got a foothold in the village.
After weakening the Union centre with skirmish fire & artillery, the 2nd Reb division finally attacked and broke through in the centre.  The Union army had now lost 7 of 13 units and broke.  This happened on turn 11, just before nightfall.  It was a Confederate victory, but the Union had done pretty well, almost lasting until nightfall & breaking 4 Reb units.

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