Tuesday, July 19, 2016

American Civil War

Union: Mike & Steve.
2 Inf divs of 6 regulars
1 Inf div of 4 regulars
1 Cav div of 5
5 cannon
Command 8 for all divs & CIC.

Condeferacy: Jim
1 Inf div of 6 veterans
2 Inf divs of 4 veterans
1 Cav div of 3
3 cannon
Command 9 for all divs & CIC

The amies were deployed by each side taking turns to place a division within 18" of their table edge.
Initial deployment: The Union are on the left, the Rebs on the right.
The Rebs advance on their right.  The union cavalry advance to meet the Reb's cavalry advancing through the town.
The cavalry fight is indecisive, but the Reb infantry has moved up to help out.  The Reb centre is moving forward to support the main attack while the Union's 3 rd inf div is dithering off camera to the left.
The Rebel infantry on the right should have swept the shaken Union cavalry off the table, but they couldn't hit an elephant while the Reb cavalry was broken.
The big Rebel Infantry division braved the artillery battery join in the attack.  Two units were forced back by the fire, but the other four got into the action - the Zouaves breaking through on the right to help finally break the Union cavalry and put their left flank division in dire straits.  Mike's infantry on the Union right is still dithering with poor command dice.
Steve's infantry on the Union left are only just hanging on, but Jim's infantry is running out of steam.
The Rebs continue to press home their attacks, trying to snatch victory before the 3rd Union infantry div arrives.
The Union left has finally broken, but so has one of the Rebel inf divs.  Both sides have lost 2 divs out of 4, but the only Reb unit left unshaken is their battery, which 1 hit off being so.  They clearly cannot win, so the Rebs conceded the battle & started marching back to Dixie.

The Union won without one division even firing a shot.  The failure of the Rebel right to quickly break the Union cavalry was decisive.  It bought time for the union guns to inflict decisive casualties.  Thanks to Dave Hay we didn't have to use any ECW ring-ins for Confederates for this battle, but looking more authentic did nothing for their performance.

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