Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Hail Caesar! Macedon v. Persia

Before putting the troops I took to Barrie's two weeks back out of the transport trays onto the shelves I thought we may as well use them again. The only player who was a Barrie's was Steve & he changed sides, this time commanding the Macedonian cavalry on their right while Chris commanded the phalanx in the centre & the hoplites & peltasts on their left.   Mike commanded the Persian cavalry, Mark their centre & Jim their right.
The Persians are on the left.
The Macedonians make a general advance.  The persian cavalry go forward to meet them. 
A cavalry fight is swirling back and forth on the far flank.  The phalanx is advancing relentlessly in the centre.  The Macedonian left though has held back with bad command rolls. The Persian's mercenary hoplites have advanced to put some pressure on the phalanx's exposed flank. 
The right end unit of the phalanx broke their opponents and have turned the flank of the Persian foot.  But at this end of the phalanx the Persains have gained an overlap.  But poor command prevented the flank attack going in & the Macedian left is finally advancing.
On the far flank one of the Persian cavalry divs has broken, but the remaining cavalry of both sides is no fit state to do anything.  The Persian Guard infantry have been broken, but they weakened the phalanx and the Levy of the second line are counterattacking.  The Persian's mercenaries are outflanked and in trouble.
The phalanx has broken under the combined attack of the Levy and Hoplites, but although the phalanx counts double in the Army Break Test they still had 3 divisions.  In the next turn the Persian mercenaries broke and that was 3 of 5 Persian divs broken and game over.

It was a very close battle that could ahev easily gone the other way had the dice gods so decreed.  Both sides had good plans, but only one came off.  But good fun for all anyway.  So these armies of eaqual points have fought twice and each has won one.  The system must be about right. 

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Tim Twineham said...

Great looking battle. Time we returned to Hail Caesar and put Jim's ships on the shelf :)