Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Lutzen 1632

Mike set up a scenario based on Lutzen 1632.
The Imperialist army was commanded by Jim & Chris, the Swedes by Mike & Mark.
The Swedes are on the far side.  Both sides have 3 infantry divs of 4 shot & 2 pike in the centre, a cavalry div of 4 on each flank of them and a dragoon div on the near flank.   The Imperialists have a battery on the hill on their far right (just off shot).  The Swedes have some heavy guns on that flank too as well some light guns with their foot.  2 of their inf divs are Swedes with +1 dice for their musketeers shooting & HTH.  The Swedish dragoons are supported by 2 cavalry units.  Both sides have a cavalry division in reserve to come on from turn 3 when they get a normal command through.  The Imperialist had 4 skirmisher units.  The Swedish foot have command rating 9, Wallenstein is 9, Gustavus 10, the rest 8.
Neither side showed any intention of advancing on the enemy guns on the far flank.  The cavalry on that wing is being moved across the rear of both armies.  The Swedes are making a steady advance on the centre & right, except their dragoons are hanging back.  Wallenstein has thrown his left flank cavalry forward hoping to outflank the Swedish foot.
Both sides have pulled back their cavalry on this flank while the infantry get into action in the centre. The Swedish reserve has arrived, but no sign of the Imperialist's. 
The Swedes right flank has finally advanced to attack the dragoons.  The Imperialist cavalry has attacked again.  The infantry fight has become a general slug-fest.
The cavalry on this flank have broken off again, but this time the Swedes are fatally weakened and are broken, though not yet removed.  The Imperialist cavalry from the far flank have finally got up into the front line.   The infantry fight continues
Half the Imperialist dismounted dragoons have been swept aside, but the Imperialist cavalry have counterattacked.  The cavalry fight between the Swedish reserves and the Imperialists from the right is still indecisive.   The Imperialist left flank infantry has broken.    At last the Imperialist reserves have arrived behind their centre. 
The Imperialist left is still hanging on but it's getting pretty desperate.  Likewise their right flank infantry.   Their last hope is the reserve cavalry which is working its way to the front.
The Imperialist reserves have charged the Swedish cavalry in the centre in a desperate last throw of the dice.  But it seems they were tired by their march to the battle.  They threw rotten dice and the division broke in one turn.  At that Wallenstein conceded the battle.

The battle was fought with our Pike & Shot era variant of Hail Caesar, Hail Cromwell.  We had 7 divisions a side over 70 units on the table & it took only 2 & half hours.  The odds were a bit against the Imperialists & the failure of their cavalry to turn up until too late didn't help, but a good time was had by all. 

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