Sunday, July 03, 2016

Hail King Richard: Medieval

With Barrie's Sunday School not on this week Chris & I introduced Darren to Hail King Richard at Camp Cromwell - that is our tweak of Hail Caesar for the medieval period.
Darren's Yorkists are on the far side. Chris' Lancs on this side.  I am umpiring plus giving Darren a bit of advice. In turn 1Chris advanced except where his cavalry held back.  Darren advanced his right & sent his left flank cavalry across the front to the right.
Chris' line had firmed up into neat line.  Darren's cavalry in the centre failed to charge, but so did Chris'
Finally Darren got his cavalry to charge.  It destroyed the enemy bowmen & his cavalry, but was then all shaken & unable to do any more.   Chris is trying to attack on the right.
Daren has tried to pull his cavaly back to get it rallied.  On the near flank the bows & crossbows are exchanging fire. 
 Chris attacks on the right.
 Chris' attack ran out of steam, the advantage of his armoured infantry negated by the hill & Darren's billmen.   Darren's attack on the left of Chris' attack is the last straw and Chris' army breaks.

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