Sunday, July 31, 2016

Bolt Action Sunday School

At his Sunday School Barrie was doing Saga, a game I'm not that keen on (too much game & not enough war), so we put on a Sunday School for another denomination at Camp Cromwell.  I'd been contacted by a newby Bolt Action player & invited him & his brother for a lesson in playing the game.

Steve mentored Mathew with German Vets while I mentored Sean with Brit Regs.  1,000 pts a side on a table area about 6'x6' in a tank War style scenario with 4 objectives & deployment zones up to 24" in from baselines.
The Brits are on the left, the battle zone is the far side of the river.  There are objectives where the roads cross each side's baseline, one at the road junction, & one on the ridge on the far side (under the quad).  The German strategy was to grab & dispute the junction objective so objectives would be tied & win my killing 2 more units than they lost.  The British strategy was to take both central objectives.

The Brits grabbed the objective on the ridge unopposed, but the junction objective was defended by heavily armed veteran panzergrenadiers.  The Brits tried to stop the Germans reinforcing the troops at the junction with fire support & attacks in the centre while sending 2 squads, HQ & PIAT through the woods to attack them.

The Cromwell won the fight with a Puma & then joined in with fire support until pinned down by artillery fire from the far ridge. The British plan worked as they gained the objective on turn 6 & there was no turn 7.  But the Germans nearly escaped with a draw as they lost only 1 more unit than the Brits (those vets are hard to kill off) & only just failed to keep the junction objective in dispute to the end.

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