Monday, July 11, 2016

Barrie's Sunday School

A cast of six showed up for Barrie's Sunday School.
Barrie & JohnW played Saga.
JohnM & Jim's French fought Rusty & Jake's Brits at Muskets & Tomahawks. 
The Brits had a supply convoy escorted by 2 Militia units marching for the fort. 2 regular inf could march out from the fort to escort them in. They also had a gun in the fort. meet them  in the fort.
The French had 3 Indian units coming on fon the right and 3 Militia coming on from the left.
The French distracted & delayed the regs with a couple of units and over-ran the convoy.  While one can get frustrated in M&T when your cards don't turn up, this has an up-side.  On turn 1 John's Indian cards were the last 4 to come out & this made the convoy escorts sitting ducks.

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Truscott Trotter said...

Sitting Duck?
I thought he was commanding the left flank?