Friday, July 15, 2016

Bolt Action at Good Games

We had 4 punters this afternoon.  I skilfully avoided fighting JohnM by pointing out that it would be interesting for him to fight Japs which he hadn't fought with his Soviets before.

Jim's British v. Rusty's Germans
Point Defence scenario, German's defending.
The Germans are on the left.  The objectives are the house far left, the bridge & the hill in foreground. The Brits initial deployment put an LMG squad near each objective plus their MMG, 25pdr & heavy mortar on the table.  The German first wave had infantry in both woods and their Tiger on their right.  The German support weapons were brought on from reserve down the sides of the woods.  The Brits Reserves reinforced the centre & right.
The Brits had a good plan backed with good luck making an irresistible combination.   The German infantry was pinned down on the edges of the woods.  Their support weapons were picked off by the 25pdr & mortar.  The Tiger was pinned down by the Artillery Barrage.  The PIAT advanced behind the central house and popped the Hanomag, then before the Tiger could recover from the artillery pins, popped it as well.

John's Soviets v. Chris' Japanese
1,000 pts Hold Until Relieved scenario, Soviets defending.
Your reporter was having too much fun popping Hanomags & Tigers with a PIAT & ranging in first time to observe the other battle closely, but Chris enjoyed being given a lesson on how to use Soviets as JohnM won a convincing victory. 

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