Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Bolt Action Tank War

Bolt Action Tank War Scenario:
2200 pts a side in 2 platoons each on 10'x6' table.
Germans: Steve, Nick & Mark
Brits: Jim, Mike & Chris
The table has 10 objectives 3 near each long edge and 4 along the centreline.
The game started with a deployment turn #0 when units were placed within 18" of own table edge (without firing) as command dice were drawn.
The Brits are on the right. 
The Germans make a big push on their left with Steve's platoon of MkII's & Pumas.  Mike is defending it with a small force, ordered to buy time.
The British centre was left with no targets when Steve's platoon went into the village & have begun to advance.

Nick's Germans on their left took the objective on the the ridge on that flank.

The Brits have taken the two objectives in the centre while Steve attacks the village. The Firefly & 6pdr are on ambush ready to fire at any German vehicles trying to rush to the rear objective.
At the end of turn 7: On the far flank a Hanomag ran the guantlet past the British ambushes and took the rear objective.  In the centre Mark's counterattack has been stopped by infantry in the wood & Shermans.  On the left the Brits have counterattacked and now possess the objective on the hill.

The dice decreed that there was a turn 8, but the only objective in any danger of changing hands was the one the near ridge.   When the Stug failed to pop the Cromwell the battle was called.   Objectives were tied at 5 all, but the British had lost a lot more units giving the Germans victory.   The Brits actually felt they had done alright in equalising the objectives in the face of a game-long run of very ordinary luck.  They got off to a bad start when their artillery barrage turned into friendly fire & pinned down their PIAT crew in the village & it didn't get better. The Germans got all the vital first dice each turn & the British shooting was consistently ineffective.  The battle took less than 3 hours - not bad for such a big game.

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