Sunday, July 03, 2016

Bolt Action

Chris' Soviets v. Jim's Germans
1000 pts Hold Until Relieved Scenario, Germans attacking.
I this scenario the defenders have a feature to defend (the bridge).  They can initially put 2 units within 6"of it. Half the rest come on in First Wave on turn 1, the rest in Reserve from turn 2. The Attackers deploy at least half no closer than 18" to the enemy on the table, others in Reserve.
The German force was well suited to the scenario.  By the end of turn 2 the panzer grenadiers had rushed the objective with mounted infantry.  They then set up  defense that easily held the Soviet advance at bay.  Only the T34 could not be stopped or delayed, but it couldn't kill enough Germans on its own to turn the battle (the objective can only he disputed by infantry).

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