Sunday, January 05, 2014

Barrie's Sunday School: FOW in PNG

Jim's Australians v. Richard's Japanese

1550 pts early war - a practice game for Richard's Cancon campaign.
Hasty Attack Mission, Japs attacking though Barrie's jungle.
The Australians had 3 widely spaced objectives to defend, one of which was removed by the attacker before the start.  Richard took up the one on the far left.  The infantry platoon deployed there was moved to support the one defending the centre objective, but the right hand objective clearly need the help of delayed reserve as the Nipponese hordes swarmed forward in a dawn attack - see pic.

The dice gave the Aussie 2 reserve platoons on turn 4.   If their 3rd infantry platoon and their bug had come on the flank of the Japanese attack on the battery, the Aussies had a chance.  Alas, both reserves came on the far corner.  This provided more support to the centre objective than needed while the HMG platoon and the artillery on the right had little hope of stopping the converging attack by two big platoons. 

Richard made a well planned attack & the Aussies needed all the luck they could get with the reserves dice to hold it off - bad luck with those made it an easy 6:1 Japanese victory.

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