Monday, January 13, 2014

Hail Caesar: Rome v. Britons

Joe's Romans v. Jim's Britons

Joe Dexter is in Hobart to visit the rellies & came round for a game bringing his mate Adam Purdy.  The Romans had a legionary division, a medium cavalry division & a light cavalry division.  The Britons had 2 warband divisions & a chariot/light cavalry divison.
Joe has his medium cavalry on the right facing the Briton horse which has advanced in open order to skirmish.  On his left, his light cavalry has formed open order and advanced to pepper the advancing warbands with javelins.  The Briton warbands are trying to charge the Romans, but their command dice are not cooperating.
On both flanks the skirmishing cavalry is evading the advancing close order enemy.  In the centre the warbnds fail to charge home.
The legion charged the warbands in the centre and quickly destroys the centre division.  The Briton's right hand division fared a little better, with a tie & a fall back.
With their centre broken, the Britons have attacked on both flanks to try to get out of jail.  The large legion division is wheeling ponderously to attack the remaining warbands.
The counterattack by the Briton chariots and cavalry has succeeded in breaking the Roman horse on the far flank & their chariots are trying to move to help the right.  But their right is reduced to half strength & is in big trouble. 
The Roman light horse form close order and smash into the flank of the warband to finish the battle.
The warbands failing to charge home allowing the Romans to get the first charge in on the warbands was critical when followed up with some good combat results.  The Briton commander might also have given the inexperienced Romans a bit too much tuition for his own good. 

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