Friday, January 17, 2014


Shane wanted to try Lasalle, so I put together French vs Austrians.  The Austrians had an 'Avante Guard' Division, with support from an Infantry Brigade and a Cavalry Brigade.  The French had a Veteran Infantry Division, with support from a Cuirassiers Brigade (in reserve), and an Elite Light Infantry Brigade.

The game was a learning exercise.  The Austrians attacked.  Shane had a pretty sensible deployment, but suddenly learnt the hard way that a combined infantry / artillery / cavalry attack can be hard to stop with just infantry -- if you form square the artillery blows you away, and if you stay in line the cavalry charge in!  Shane was being beaten on both flanks until his Cuirassier reserves appeared.  The Cuirassiers were destroying the Austrian cavalry on one flank, but alas the other French flank crumbled, and Shane's army failed a morale test.

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