Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cancon 2014

With only 6 Bolt Action games to play and only some going the full 2.5 hours, Chris & I had plenty of time to check out the rest of Cancon.  It really is quite something - so many nerds filling such a vast space - this time in mercifully pleasant temperatures.    There were many fantasy fans & their girlfriends dressed up in weird & sometimes very cute costumes as well as rows upon rows of tables with people playing all kinds of games, including BA, FOW, FOG, DBM, Renaissance, Napolonics and more. 
 This is just one of 2 large halls with lots of small venues in between.
 A WWI demo game (not a good photo I'm afraid - primitive cameras in 1915).
 A Black Powder 18th century demo game.
 Some 1/16th scale radio controlled tanks being driven about.
Shopping !  I got some good stuff, including Winged Hussars, Agema Velites, a Puma, 2 Opel Trucks, lots of orchard style trees & some nice new dice.
There were also demo games of Bolt Action as well as the tournament.  On day 2 they had Pegusus Bridge set up.
There was a spectacular Musket & Tomahawks demo every day - each day a new table & an even bigger action. 

The above are just a sample of the demo battles - all trying to outdo each other.  There was also a big 2nd hand buy & sell area.  But we didn't find it until day 2 & if there was anything we wanted, it was gone by then.

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