Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cromwell invades Scotland again

English Republic:  Mark, Renfrey & Jim
Scots Covernanters: Mike, Chris & Steve.

Both sides have 2 cavalry divisions & 1 infantry division.   The English cavalry is stronger with 2 cuirassiers, 3 heavy cavalry & 3 medium cavalry to the Scots 8 medium cavalry (2 of which are lancers).  The Scots infantry division has 3 pike, 6 shotte & 2 medium guns to the English 2 pike & 6 shotte.
The Scots are on the left and have put both cavalry divisions on their right.  The English have cavalry on each flank.
 The Scots ponder on their first moves.
Mark moves his infantry forward, but also shifts it to the left to support Jim's outnumbered cavalry on that flank.
Mark's foot have advanced on the Scot's centre.  Renfrey's cavalry on the far flank is supporting their right flank at a safe distance.  Part of the Scot's cavalry tried a flank attack on the left of the English foot, but they safely formed hedgehog.  Jim's cavalry has deployed to face Steve's Scottish cavalry.
 On the near flank the heavier English cavalry has gained the upper hand over their lighter enemies.  On the far flank Renfrey's cavalry has charged Mike's Scots foot with mixed results.   In the centre, Chris' Scots foot has counterattacked and has got the upper hand.
On the far flank Renfrey's cavalry is reduced to caracole in front of hedgehogs.  Mark's centre is almost destroyed, but his big division has not broken.   On the near flank Jim's cavalry with infantry support has broken both the Scots cavalry divisions.   With 2 out of 3 divisions broken, the Scots army breaks.
The English commanders seem indecently pleased with themselves.  Perhaps beating up on the Scots is welcome consolation for losing so comprehensively at cricket.

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