Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Nick in Launceston (Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory)

Nick vs Rob, Dogs of War Practice.

Ok this will be brief. Rob had Soviets from Desperate measures. Included were IS-2's, SU-85M's, two infantry companies, and planes. I had a Stug Batterie with pioneers and hornises and AA and recon (with panzerfausts)

By the end of turn 3, Rob had lost both his infantry and his company commander. His SU-85M's were in a wood, with one bailed and one bogged. Right in front of them was the recon element with Panzerfausts, ready to assault. And the Hornises were shooting at the SU-85M's at long range. The next turn should have been destruction. Instead:
- the recon troops failed tank terror.
- the Hornisses missed
- the Russian aircraft came on, and the AA missed, resulting in death for a Hornisse.
- the recon troops were blown away by main guns (remember, SU-85Ms have no machine guns)
- the Hornisses missed again. All of the Stug's moved into range.
- the SU-85M's remounted and one moved to shoot the Hornisses at long range, which succeeded. The others blew away the Stug's
- the last Hornisse missed again
- the SU-85Ms destroyed the last Stugs and the last Hornisse

On other tables there was another practice game, and a great looking Force on Force game.

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