Thursday, January 09, 2014

Bolt Action: Maximum Attrition Scenario

Jim's Germans v. Chris' Soviets

Cancon practice using our 1,000 pts lists as submitted.  Mark umpired & drew the command dice.
Both sides put all their forces into the first wave & both ended up concentrated on the far side of the table (Germans on the right). 
The Soviet guards got to the church first.  The Germans grabbed the house front left.  The T34 hurt the Germans on the left, but the German support weapons hit first & hardest on the right.
The Germans have jumped into the field for cover.  There are firefights going on in the village & on the right.
The Soviet infantry in the house charged across the road but failed to take the German held house.  The Soviet guards in the church then charged the weakened German squad and did take the house.   The Germans in the field then retreated to avoid being charged from close up by the Guards. On the right the Germans have got the better of the firefight taking out the Soviet support weapons. 
The T34 is being moved to the right while the Germans concentrate their fire on the lead Soviet infantry squads.  The T34 is too late to achieve anything while the Soviet squads continue to die in the village.   The battle ended after turn 6 as a German victory - the Soviets lost 6 units to the German's 1.

Another very enjoyable battle & finished in less than 2 hours (the Cancon limit is 2.5 hrs).  Both sides finished happy with their list selection.  Even though the Soviets lost decisively, it wasn't the list's fault (only their leader will be taken out and shot).  The Germans deployed better and achieved an early concentration of firepower that got the Soviet supports pinned down, then whittled them away.   The Soviet guards armed with smg's did what they do well - storming through the village, but the Germans pulled back & stopped them with concentrated firepower.  

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