Thursday, January 02, 2014

Bolt Action: Point Defence Scenario

Jim's British v. Steve's Germans: 1000 pts.
A demo game to show Nick Bolt Action.
The Germans are defending on the right, the Brits advancing from the left with 1 unit on flank march.
The Germans appear to be conceding the objective on the right concentrating on defending the other two for a draw.  The Brits have taken the RH objective unopposed and are moving troops through the village to attack the centre.  Their Cromwell has been toasted by a panzerfaust, but this doesn't stop the British attack.  Artillery, mortar & rifle fire smash the Germans in the rear cornfield and a converging attack clears them from the cornfield.
At the end the British flank force attacked from the far corner but was stopped by the defenders in the wood.  But this was a side show, the Brits held the other two objectives and the Germans lacked the resources to take them back.
Steve's army wasn't compliant with the lists as it had 2 Hetzers, but it didn't do him much good, the extra armour just didn't do enough.
Nick might like to add his comments. 

Comment from Nick

I enjoyed this.  I enjoyed it a lot.  So much so that I plan to build two sides for it -- Gurkhas (as my Grandfather was an officer in the Gurkhas in Burma) and Japanese.  I will, however, do 15mm -- even though Jim tried to tempt me with pictures of Warlords starter Japanese army.  But if I do 15mm suitable jungle looking terrain will also suffice for Vietnam. 

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