Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Deepest Darkest Somalia -- Nick & Cameron

Cameron hosted a game at his place using his Force on Force set up. 15mm figures, with a nice backdrop board, and with fantastic home made houses.

Nick had a small patrol of US forces racing to rescue a pair of civilian contractors who had become trapped.

Cameron had a small group of insurgents -- but got reinforcements each turn at a random location.

Nick charged up the road, and mowed down some insurgents. But then an angry mob of civilians moved in the way, hindering progress.

A guy with an RPG appeared, and was promptly dispatched.

Some insurgents got into a building at the end of the road. Nick got to the trapped civilians and started to retreat.

The insurgents at the end of the road shot, and manged to wound one US trooper.

The US kept retreating, but slower with a wounded man to carry. Suddenly an RPG shot exploded in the group, knocking down 3 more US soldiers.

The US kept retreating, but were really slow now -- every able man was pulling a wounded man. More insurgents appeared. With no suppressing fire, the insurgents managed to wound a few more US infantry. Finally, only Corporal Nick was left standing. He died gloriously in a hail of gunfire from three directions!

The game was great fun! I especially liked the casualty and other character figures that Cameron had painted up.

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Denis Kosta said...

Very cool.

Force on Force is a great game - very cinematic and very intense.

Casualties for regulars can be a pain in the butt if they have to move. My brother discovered this when a serious injry prevented his forces entering the target compound on time.

Much easier being an insurgent where on a 6 Mohammad stands up and on anything else they leave his corpse lying there in the dust.