Thursday, March 31, 2005

Camp Cromwell 31/03/2005

FOW Experimental Rules in Maharajah

We should make a definite ruling about the experimental rules in the Mahrajah.
(They are available in pdf on the FOW site).
I think at least the following should be considered (my comments in italics):

a) Moving at the double:
1) Cannot come or go within 20cm of enemy.
2) Cannot control an objective.
3) Cannot fire defensively if assaulted.
(The double move should be for manouvre, not for tactics).

b) Allocating hits: The experimental rules are closer to the way we have been doing it.

c) Fleeing assaults to within 10cm of other enemy = surrender (rewards tactical envelopement).

d) Company HQ loss = Victory Point if it has fighting troops attached (existing rules unclear).

e) Friendly fire: Use skill test to avoid killing friends (as is, this is the only place in the rules where you want to throw 1's).

f) Air Rules:
1) Restricts AA to platoons under attack or specialist AA (AA mgs were for self defence + some compensation for 2 & 3).
2) Planes come on parallel to table sides (no rotating the template to get extra target under the corners).
3) A Hit by aircraft pins the platoon. (Why not if mortars & artillery do it).
4) Choice of target not automatic - throw a To Hit dice for prefered target. If failed try for another target. If no target found in 3 goes, the planes leave without effect. (The current situation where the planes zot in at 400k/h & automatically find the best possible target on the table is a bit unreal).

Please let me know what you think about each case.
My vote is for all of the above.

Flames of War Supply Mission Table v.2.0

Step 1: Select Mission Commander
Call for a Volunteer, otherwise dice for it.
Mahrajah players on the night are exempt.
The Mission Commander shall control the Mission Selection Process and undertake the Supply Mission.

Step 2: Determine Theatre of War:
Throw 1 die:
1-3 = Launceston....use Table A
4-6 = Hobart...........use Table B
Optional alternative (historical scenario):
The players may agree not to use the dice, but instead use maps to determine location.

Step 3: Dice to determine Supply Company Type:
Table A
1 Dominoes Pizza
2 Hari Curry
3 Praeties
5 Chinese
6 Charcoal Chicken
Table B
1 Muirs Fishhouse
2 Magic Curries
3 Taste of Asia
4 Leaning Tower Burgers
5 Bankok Wok
6 Da Angelos Pizza/Pasta
Each player may exercise one veto only.
If the diced choice is vetoed continue rolling until there is no veto.
If a vetoed choice is re-rolled, the veto cannot be reapplied by a previous vetoer, though another can apply the same veto.

Step 4: Select Supplies
Each general selects their own supplies from the selected Supply Company Intelligence Table.
Dice may be used in cases of indecision.
Each general may commit as many supply points to the Mission as they wish. The correct number of supply points shall be given to the Mission Commander before departure on the Supply Mission.

Step 5: Undertake supply mission
Mission Commander mounts Command Vehicle and fetches the Supplies.

Step 6: Consume Supplies
On return of Mission Commander with Supplies, battle ceases while troops consume Supplies.

Thursday at Camp Cromwell

A double header plus lots of spectators (Jim, Peter, Mark & even a visit from Byron) and even more Honeys (3 Yanks, 5 DAK captured & 8 Russian LL).

Mahrajah 1: Barrie's US Armour v. Chris's DAK Pioneers. HTL, Germans defending.

Things started bad for the Yanks when the inevitable 88 ambush took out the 3 Lees and got worse when the Tiger began advancing.
The USAF seemed their only hope. It came 4 times. Twice it attacked the wrong side. When it did attack the Germans it missed.
After turn 6 the Yanks had to make double moves to get someone past half way. With double fire, the Germans blew the Honeys & M8's away.
A 6:1 victory for the Germans (who did not lose a single team).

Maharajah 2: Leigh's Russian Guards v. Steve's Grenadiers. HTL, Germans defending.

The human wave came forward as the Luftwaffe & guns whittled it away.
The Honeys and infantry stormed the forward objective.
The Germans counterattacked with massed firepower while pushing forward a team or two each turn on suicide missions to keep the objective disputed.
The Russians lost heavily but eventually got too many bodies over the objective.
A 4:3 victory for the Russians.

Next Events

Friday 1/4/5: Juniors night at Camp Cromwell.
Tuesday: Fort Floriet.
Thursday: Camp Cromwell.

Tuesday at Fort Floriet

Double header this week with a 1) Maharaja round DAK Pioneers Chris vs Russian Infantry Starn.and 2) Napoleonic Austrian Steve (a new recruit) vs French (Nick an old warhorse).The Napoleonic was close with the French defending a plateau the French holding off the frontal assaults but sucumbed to a flank attack on their right. The smaller table was not suitable for Napoleonics we decided! Win to Nick by a narrow margin.The new player Steve seems keen and has French and British 15mm armies. He enjoyed himself and will be back!

Now for the important info you have been waiting for yes the dice roll for takeaways Dominoes Pizza won!!!!!!!!!!!

Down to business.Rolled up a scenario on the new improved table and we decided on a free for all after both players didnt want a hold the line.

Deployment: Chris'S DAK left objective 1 pioneer in town, to the right 3 Honeys, centre: mortars, 2nd pioneer platoon, Right: the 88's, AA halftracks, Rommel and his 3 Panzer3sStarns Russians: right flank HMGs,1 platoon infantry 2 AT guns, centre Matildas Mortars. left flank 2 ATs and infantry platoon. Sturmoviks as support .

Starn rolled as the attackerand had 1st turn.The battfield was Russian steppes i think with scrub covering Starns infantry advance on the right. Woods obscuring the tables centre and open ground on the Russians left German right.

Russian Turn 1 Mortars ranged in failing to kil anything no air support arrived, Russian infantry advanced on the right. Matildas moved to the russian right lured by the promice of Honeys for breakfast.

German turn 1 the 88's took out the At guns on the german right with 6 shots allowing the panzer 3's to go as they pleased.

Russian turn 2 similar to previous 1 Sturmovik came on bombing the Pioneer platoon on the Russians right and killing a stand. Rommel was hit by a mortar and was bailed but hopped back in next turn Phew! it was almost a savage blow to the German war effort.

German turn 2 Everything fired at the Russian platoon on the left which was still pinned and did it some damage. Centre pioneers advanced into the woods.

Russian turn 3 as for turn 2 no air power but killed a pioneer stand in the woods mortars no effect.

German turn 3 The honeys doubled to the Germans right revealing the Germans cunning plan to attack with everything on the right. However the germans left was exposed. Therussian infantry on their left were almost half strength being shot at by 3 platoons PZER3's, 88's and mortars and they were in the open.

Turn 4 Russians rushed their matildas back to their left to try to cover the objective. Continued advacing on their right.

Turn 4 Germans more damage to the Russian infantry platoon and it passed its motivation test.Turn 5 Russian, What was left of the Russian platoon on their left dug in. Mortars took out an AA halftrack. matildas had a couple of shots at PZ3's but missed.

Turn 5 German oops the 88's got 3 shots and took out a Matilda. Panzer 3's did nothing their shells bouncing harmlessly of the tuff Matildas hides. honeys headed towards the objective. german centre platoon killed 2 stands of russians who were getting closer to the Germans weak left flank.

Turn 6 Matildas sheltered behind the woods advance on Russian right continued. Destoyed a honey.

Turn 6 german honeys on the objective which was uncontested as yet!

Turn 7 The russians advanced on the right objective under heavy fire but only received 9 hits not pinned so they close assaulted the town and pushed back the german platoon which was below half strength and ran!!!!! The objective falling into russian hands.The russians double moved their mortars to contest the left objective with the honeys aswell as this the dug in infantry advanced towards the honeys rear an unpleasant experience. Russian air arrived in force 3 planes under a hail of AA fire they pressed home the attack but only bailed 1 honey and 1 panzer 3 Starn was not impressed!

The russians turn 7 german the germans moved up their centre platoon to contest their left objective and double moved their mortars to their left, things were getting desperate 4 both sides. The honeys and panzer3's blew away the russianmortar platoon now there were no russians within 10cm.

Turn 8 Starn blew away the german teams contesting the Germans left. The last platoon close enough to the objective went in against the remaining honey but eventually failed morale game over .

A turn later and the Russians would have won! A very close 4 - 3 victory to the DAK.

Post mortem: Chris didnt get in fast enough on the Russian left objective the plan was good but the execution of the plan was terrible. The german armour should have reached the objective a lot quicker than the Russian infantry on the opposite flank.Rommel has decided to send Chris off to the Russian front Stalingrad maybe?!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Camp Cromwell 22/03/2005

Fort Floriet on Tuesday: Mahrajah: Jim v. Nick

Jim's Compagnia Carri: HQ L3, 2x5M14, 3x75mm howitzers, 2x90/53, 3L6 reece, Berseligieri, Sporadic Air.
Nick's US Rifles: HQ, 2 inf, 4xShermans, 4xM3TDs, 4x57mmA/T, 4x37mmA/T, 4x105mm howitzers.
UN Observers: Chris, Starn & Coreen.

Scenario: Decided by dice on Chris's Mission Table. 1st dice gave Phased Withdrawal but was vetoed by Ities. 2nd try, Hold the Line was accepted by both & the Ities chose to defend.
The terrain was fairly flat with a few hills at the Itie end but with a lot of hedgerows, walls and ploughed fields.

Dinner: Chosen by dice on the Take Away Mission Table. Hari Curry selected & kindly fetched by Coreen.

Nick placed his objective on the Itie right flank in fields with walls he thought would restrict the 90's ability to defend it. The Ities placed the other objective in a wood in the rear behind the other one. They deployed the Bersaligieri on the forward objective with the artillery in close support behind a wall about 20cm back from the objective. The 90/53s were in ambush. The Ities were somewhat dismayed when they threw a 1 for the Bersaligieri 8 Million Bayonettes roll making the front line troops reluctant trained, but consoled themselves with the thought that Hewey owed them some luck for later.

Phase 1: First US attack.

The US immediately advanced on the closer objective with infantry and Shermans supported by M3s and smoke from the 105s.
Despite distressingly cunning use of smoke, the attack failed because:
1) The 90/53 ambush joined the 75s behind the wall and popped one Sherman and bailed another which stayed bailed for a vital 2 or 3 turns.
2) The 75s pinned one of the infantry plats and it too stayed pinned for a vital 3 turns.
3) The Itie armour arrived on turns 1 and 2.
4) The 75's went to counter battery fire, were repayed their luck deficit and quickly destroyed the 105s.
5) The hedgerows stopped the M3s giving effective support.
With the smoke supply drying up, troops left behind pinned & Iron Coffins arriving in bulk, the Yanks decided to pull back while they could.

Phase 2: Reorganising.

The US pulled back, reorganised and moved their armour to the right.
Meanwhile there was skirmish between the 37mm A/T that the US had pushed down the right flank as a distraction and the Itie Reece. The Reece got 2 of the guns, but couldn't finish the job and were destroyed.
The Itie artillery destroyed the 57s to pass the time.

Phase 3: Second US attack.

The US armour pushed down the right flank - carefully keeping their distance from the 90/53s (see pic).
The Itie armour moved back on interior lines to form up behind a hill in the rear to wait for them.
The hill prevented the Yanks using their superior range and the 90/53s dissuaded them from going around it.
When the Yanks got close enough, the Iron Coffins rushed forward en masse hoping to get the M3s while the artillery smoked the Shermans. The Yanks saved their M3s using sneaky TD Evade Rules, but the Shermans didn't do enough when they moved out of the smoke and the M14s were now all around them. They Ronsoned one Sherman - then a vital firepower dice teeted on edge before flopping over 6 to bail another and force a morale test - which they failed. Now the M3's faced the mob alone with the edge of the table preventing any more sneaky escapes. They took a few with them, but were doomed.

Phase 4: Mopping up.

The Ities now had the only armour on table (5M14s), the only artillery on the table, both their 90/53's intact, and the Bersaligieri reluctant as it was, still dug in with only 1 casualty The Yanks could only hope the Reggio Aeronautica would show up and bomb the wrong side.
The Italian firepower soon reduced the Yanks below half strength but they refused to fail multiple company morale checks and only lost when the last team on the defenders half of the table was destroyed.

The RA Stukas never did show up - not once in a long battle of about 20 turns - that's not bad going even for sporadic air.
The Ities had lost 2 platoons - tank + reece, so a 4:3 victory for Il Duce !
This was one of those long close exciting battles that make us love FOW.

Thursday at Camp Cromwell: Maharajah: Steve v. Peter

Free For All Scenario diced on Mission Table - on very open terrain.
Steve's Grenadiers: HQ, 2 Inf, MG, Inf guns, Pak 40s, Artillery, Priority Air (Hs129)
Peter's US Infantry: HQ, 3 Inf, MG, Honeys, SP75s, 57mm A/T, Artillery, Limited Air.

Peter advanced on his left & centre with 2 Inf plats, MGs, SP75s & Honeys. The Germans just dug in.

The Honeys worked their way round the German's right flank but they were delayed by a Luftwaffe attack that bailed up a couple of them. The MGs & one inf in the centre were destroyed in the advance.
For several turns the US got a respite from the Luftwaffe as they either didn't show or were intercepted. In this time the Honeys attacked. They took out the Inf guns, then the Grenadiers on the objective.
Then the Luftwaffe came back two turns in a row and destroyed the Honeys while the German HQ & Grenadiers maintained a presence within 10cm of the objective.
The US infantry came up in support of the Honeys and now drove the Germans back to take the objective.
The Luftwaffe returned again but couldn't destroy enough infantry. The GIs passed their morale test and held the objective.

A 4:3 win to the US.

This battle took a long time because of the slow infantry advance and the continual air attack resolution. It was bit dull in the early stages, but livened up with the struggle for the objective. The USAF probably earned their keep by interceptions, but they in turn were intercepted just about every time they showed up. The Hs129s were murder when they weren't intercepted.

Next week:

Easter: Chris is down south for the weekend. Maybe we'll get a game in for him. Mornings might be best because of Steve's late shifts at work.
Thursday: Barrie's US Inf v. Mark's Italian Infantry.
Friday: Junior's night. James Oakes' Germans v. Dillon Oakford's Yanks.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Camp Cromwell 17/03/2005

Mahrajah at Camp Cromwell

Breakthrough Scenario: US Armoured (Barrie) attacking v. German Grenadier (Steve) defending.

German deployment:
Right flank: Infantry with infantry guns. Left flank: Infantry with Pak 40s. MGs in reserve. 105s in rear. Prority air (H129s).

US deployment:
Main force: HQ Shermans, Honeys, Shermans, Scotts. Flanking: Engineers. Limited air.

The Honeys attacked the German right with the Shermans in support. The H129s came often and earned their keep, but did not make a knockout blow. The 105s were annoying, but not that effective. The infantry guns failed to hit anything. But stilll the Grenadiers hung on and Shermans subsequently backed off and made a high speed circuit around them to get something within 40cm of an objective by turn 6. The Honeys fell back from the infantry counterattack, got bailed by the Luftwaffe & 105s, but were saved by the Germans failing tank terror to assault. The Honeys recovered and the infantry were mown down.
Meanwhile, on the other flank the US engineers had turned up. They were badly mauled by the Luftwaffe, but enough survived to drive off the German MG platoon which had come on from reserve.
Finally the USAF arrived for the first time (all previous arrivals were intercepted), and they came in force with 3 planes and took out 2 of the Pak40's the Germans were relying on to the cover the objectives.
The Sherman's rushed the objective. The last Pak 40 took out 2 of them, the Luftwaffe another 1, but there were still Yanks on an uncontested objective giving the US victory.

The USAF only showed up once, yet when it did, the destruction of the Pak40's was a decisive blow on the Huns. If they still had those guns the Shermans on the objective probably would not have survived and the result would have been different.
The Yanks had lost no platoons so it was a 6:1 victory - a misleading result as of 5 platoons they had 2 below half strength and 3 on half strength - it was very close run thing.

Mahrajah at Fort Floriet on Tuesday:

Coreen vs Nick : 1500 pts cauldron (rolled on the table) US Infantry vs German Infantry

The Germans chose to defend. The German infantry dug in, along with infantry guns and stug IIIs. The US surrounded the Germans with a big bag of tricks -- shermans, artillery, M3 GMCs, mortars, recon pltns, etc. Because of the terrain and the deployment quadrant, both the artillery and the shermans were deployed immediately in front of the German reinforcement area.

The game started well when the shermans took out the stugs at long range (killing a stug and the command halftrack)

The game went into a nose dive when Coreena rolled for her first reinforcement, and got a tiger, right behind the shermans.

The tiger took out a sherman. The shermans moved close to the tiger so they could rush it next turn, and covered the beast with smoke. The artillery turned around and did the same.

The tiger, not wanting to get shermans surrounding it, backed into a town. It survived its bog roll, but only just (saved because it was a heavy tank). The Germans also got 2 more platoons of reinforcements -- another platoon of infantry, and 88s.

The Americans decided they were up shit creek, and the only way to survive was to rush the objective. The artillery poured smoke onto the tiger, while everything else advanced on the center. The tiger tried to come out of the smoke -- and bogged!!! (Nick was seen dancing around the table in an unseemly manner!). Nick launched an assault, taking out the dug in Germans on an objective. However, it required two platoons of infantry, the shermans, and the recon platoon to clear the objective. The recon platoon didn’t survive the assault, nor did one of the infantry platoons, but the Germans were forced of the objective. In addition, the two German teams closest to the objective were forced to surrender, as they couldn’t get away from the Americans.

The tiger unbogged, and destroyed a sherman. The 88s got a sneak shot through a gap between terrain and took out another sherman. But the Germans couldn’t retake the objective.

Overall, a 4:3 victory to Nick. It could easily have been a loss if the game had continued -- although the Americans were prepared to deal with a tiger, the deployment location meant the American AT guns and TDs were in no position to get to the tiger, and the tiger was slowly eating through the rest of the army.

MEANWHILE...on table 2, German paratroops dropped on Russian infantry. The paratroops lost a fair bit on landing, but took a town and holed up in the town. From the town one platoon poured fire into the Russians, doing spectacular damage. The other German platoon took an objective -- in the middle of a bog. The Russian reinforcements arrived -- 4 matildas. The Germans suddenly discovered they had nothing that could take out a matilda -- they even seemed to be stuka proof (top armour of 2 makes it hard with bombs). Eventually the stukas killed two matildas, one more was bailed by a 37mm with steilgranite, and the Matildas failed morale. But those matildas were tough -- if the Russian AA had managed to get to cover the matildas it would have been very different!

Next Generation

Between you there are a few young ones getting old enough to fight FOW. (James Oakes has his own pair of Tigers and a square head already). Friday night Juniors sessions are proposed – perhaps once a month starting April 1st.

Next week

I'll be at Fort Floriet Tuesday night for my first Mahrajah battle.
Camp Cromwell on Thursday (no one seems to want to change the night).

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Camp Cromwell 10/03/2005

Thursday at Camp Cromwell
FOW 1500 pts Cauldron - training battle for Barrie v. Jim. Steve also present.
US Armour (Barrie): HQ (Shermans), Pioneers, Shermans, Lees, SP 75s + Air.v.DAK (Jim): HQ, 2 Grenadiers, 88s, 50mm a/t(2), artillery, MkIIIJ*(3)

The terrain had a plain in the middle so the DAK had no help from it at all.The Yanks got good deployment with everyone bunched on one side. The US got off to the best possible start by popping both dug in 88s with 6 long range shots.Barrie then assaulted one side of the box with armour and infantry - see 10 03 05 001 (note the DAK in Barrie's new entrenchments).The DAK counterattcked with the Grenadiers from the other side, but had no luck with reinforcements for the first 2 turns.The 1st objective was taken by the Lees, but the MkIIIs which finally showed up and supported the Grenadier counterattack which destroyed the platoon and took it back.The MkIIIs didn't survive the counterattack and the arrival of the a/tank & artillery was too little too late.
Pic 10 03 05 002 shows Barrie's troop transport system (from Bunnings hardware plus non-slip mats from Chickenfeed).

Monday at Fort Floriet:
FOW 1500 pts FFA in fairly open desert terrain (see pic 08 03 05 001)

DAK: (Nick) Pioneer coy (2 pioneer, MkIII*(3), 76mm art(4), 88s (2), mgs(2))v.BRATs (Jim) Mechanised (3 Lorried inf, Grants(3), Honeys(3), RHA(4), 2 6pdr a/t (2ea))

The DAK opened up with a murderous fire on the LHS Brit objective from their 76s & 88s. The defending inf was splatted before it could dig in, but the planned seizing of the objective by MkIIIs was thwarted by the Grants & Honeys advancing around the Huns right flank.

The MkIIIs decided the other flank looked safer and roared off across the German rear. The Honeys moved to counter them racing in parallel behind the Brat lines while the Grants made a flank attack on the 76 battery. This did not go well - the end gun was taken out but it took two Grants with it. The survivor passed his morale test but didn’t push his luck, retreated and followed the Honeys towards the other flank.

Meanwhile the 25pdrs had taken out an 88. They now had a go at the MkIIIs which were attacking the RH objective - and took one of them out. The MkIIIs decided that flank was too hot now and took off again back across to the other flank to support an infantry advance on the thinly held other objective.

The German artillery copied the RHA, targeted the Honeys and took out the command tank. The Brat 2IC climbed aboard one of the survivors and the Brat armour took off back over the left again to meet the MkIIIs.

While the RHA pounded away at counter battery fire, trying to keep the deadly (& dug in) 76s pinned down, the armour played cat and mouse on each side of a hill on the Brat left. The Germans bailed a Honey, but then the Brats got lucky, the last Grant got one MkIII and the unbailed Honey got the other.

When the RHA finally popped a 76 the Huns conceded.

The dug in German Pioneers were a scary prospect with their assault a/t of 4. The 4 76mm guns were pretty nasty too with their a/t range of 80cm & artillery range of 2.4m – the 2 88s seemed quite benign in comparison.

Similarly, the Brat infantry – vets dug in with ROF 3 backed up with dug in 6pdrs was formidable.
With such good defense on both sides it had to be very long battle - but it was never boring – both sides used their strong defense as a base for attack & counterattack. Both sides made some cunning moves and both had their lucky spells (Nick perhaps had more good dice, but Monty threw his good ones when it really mattered). Although the Brats had the last tanks, they wouldn’t have stood a chance in an attack on the Pioneers & guns, and in the end the slow attrition of the RHA was the deciding factor. Monty did well in putting the RHA in a depression safe from counterbattery fire.

Next Week:
I wouldn't mind changing to Wednesday for a while if it suits more people (Cameron for instance).Please let me know if you'd prefer a change to Wednesday, or not.

But we'll leave it Thursday next week unless I advise otherwise.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Camp Cromwell 03/03/2005

The Russians didn’t show (probably practicing for Mary) so we Italians gave Barrie a practice battle with US troops. Steve umpired.

FOW 1500 pts Free-For-All

Barrie: US Armoured infantry (hq, 2 inf, mortars, 75mm sp a/t, Shermans)


Jim: Compagnia Fucilieri (hq, 3 inf, a/t guns, mortars, mgs, art, Semoventes + limited air)

Both sides tried to dig in at first, but both had problems with artillery/mortar pins.

The first aggressive moves were for the Italians - an infantry andvance on their left, and for the US - the Shermans moving to their left flank.

The Italians new pride and joy – the Regio Aeronautico Stuka showed up in force on the second turn and promptly attacked their own troops (see pic). The Itie infantry suffered badly, though the Semoventes waved them off.

The US SPGs advanced and finished off the left flank infantry platoon with their aamg.

The Semoventes moved forward from the centre to counter the advancing SPGs and this prompted a U turn by the Shermans which raced back across the rear to join the SPGs in their attack on the Itie left.

Now the Italians made their move - the Semoventes suddenly took off at double speed across the centre of the table towards the RHS objective, shielded from the US SPGs & tanks by scrub & hill.

The SPGs took off after them while the Shermans continued their advance on the Italian LHS objective.

The Regio Aeronautia had another go at the Semoventes, but again were waved off and they rushed up to the objective. The US infantry defending it had been weakened and pinned down & prevented from digging in by artillery fire but had no choice but to counterattack with the support of HQ & the SPGs.

The Bazookas only took out one Semo and even though weakly armed (1 aamg) the Semo’s took out the weakened inf.

The SPGs were smoked out of the action & the US’s last chance was for the HQ’s 37 to take out the Semos in 3 shots. It only managed 2 bails and the Semos remained in command of the objective.

The Shermans reached the other objective, but it was too late - the Ities had got to their objective first.

Italian losses were 2 inf plats + HQ so VPs were 4:3. A close run thing.

The Italian air support is the result of an unexpected find of an Italian Stuka at the model shop in Sorell on Tuesday - I had to have it, hang the expense. There’s only one, but we’re not precious about having to have 3 models. Beautiful it is, but it’s effectiveness was another thing. In 9 turns the RAI turned up 3 times – that’s average. Once there were 3 planes, twice there were 2 – not bad. But twice they attacked the wrong side and when they did attack the Yanks their plentiful AA saw them off without effect. Mercifully the veteran Semo crews waived them off in the attacks on them, but the PBI weren’t so lucky. Total air kills for the game were 4 inf teams – worth about the 100pts perhaps, pity they were Italians. But be warned, the RAI is owed some good dice – they’ll have a big day sometime, maybe against you.


Barrie came with copies of Stars & Stripes & model orders.

Nick – your Stars & Stripes & Armoured Inf is here at Cromwell St so you can pick it up on the week end.

Next week:

Thursday. Leigh will probably be oompahing at Mary, but it’s about time some Yanks got serious.