Thursday, April 28, 2005

Camp Cromwell Bulletin 28/04/05

Anzac Day

Peter didn't show for the scheduled Mahrajah v. Glen, so Glen & I got the benefit of another practice match.

Jim's US Motorised Inf (2 Mot inf, Scouts, 4Shermans, 4Honeys, T19s)
Glen's HFB Motorised Inf (2 PGs, 88's, 75's, mg's, 3MkIV*).

Free for All scenario determined from Mission Table.

This battle was a remarkable illustration that a FOW game is never over until its over.
At the start, the Yanks launched an attack with Mech Inf + 4 Honeys + 4 Shermans against an objective defended by P/grens & 3 MkIV*s. 910 pts worth of Yanks v. 700 pts of Huns that were isolated from any support.

The Yank attack was anilalated for the loss of just 1 MkIV* and 2 P/gren teams. This left the Yanks with just HQ, 1 Mech inf, Scouts & 3/T13s...590 pts left v. 1250pts of Huns. It should have been game over, but the Yanks had nothing to lose and attacked anyway.

While the Scouts distracted the Panzers, the Mech inf on the left flank over-ran a P/gren plat, then the HQ behind. Their sole half track that survived the 88's finished off the German artillery (weakened by counterbattery fire). The T31's suddenly got good - they wiped out the 88's in 2 successive turns, then they poured smoke onto the mg's to cover the attack of the GIs. The mg's defensive fire got just 4 hits (there were 6 3's that would have hit but for the smoke) and the GIs killed the mgs. With no HQ the Germans failed their Coy Morale Test.


Steve & Barrie's Panzergrenadiers attacking Jim & Leigh's BRATs in 1500 pts Breakthrough.

The Brats had the advantage of some useful terrain - mainly a major river which they used well.
Steve launched a methodical attack with P/grens & MkIII's on Jim's wing while Barrie stayed off table in reserve ready to come on if Leigh's armour moved to help Jim's flank.
The P/grens cleared the Brat a/tank guns but were in turn destroyed by infantry, Honeys and artillery fire.

The MkIIIs crossed the river drawing the Crusaders over as the Honeys went back to keep Barrie at bay.

The Crusaders got the usual bails but no kills, but an infantry attack drove the tanks back and converted the bails to kills.

The Honeys bounced off Barrie's infantry and his 1/2 track 75's finished them off.
The last MkIII passed morale but could only bail some of the Crusaders & was blown away by a hail of 6pdrs.

When the 5 remaining Crusaders turned on Barrie it was game over.

Remember when we thought infantry had no chance against tanks ? In this game there were two tank v. inf fights and the inf won both of them. It seems that a bit of experience makes a big difference.

Pre twentieth century rules

I've finished a revamp of the old rules for non-FOW games (remember them?)
Would anyone like to do some play testing?

I'm batching this & next week, so I'm available almost anytime.

Next week:

Friday 29/04/05 (tomorrow): Juniors night - bring any of your offspring who are interested.
Thursday 05/05/05: Wargames as usual at Camp Cromwell.
Friday 06/05/05: Could be another junior's night - let me know if you want it.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Camp Cromwell Bulletin 21/04/05

Saturday night at Camp Cromwell

The expected intra-state match didn't eventuate so we had a practice match.

Jim's DAK v. Peter's US Infantry with Leigh umpiring & providing allied support.

1500 pts Hold the line - DAK defending.

The terrain was more crowded tham usual with a willow choked river meandering across it & lots of woods, hills & ploughed fields.

The US used cover of woods and river line to get their Pioneers close to an objective in a village without taking any fire and stormed it. The MkIIIs had to counterattack the Pioneers in the village or the game was lost anyway. Against the odds they drove the Pioneers back out. But another infantry platoon supported by the remains of the Honeys counter-counter attacked and wiped the Panzers. The Germans couldn't get anyone near the objective next turn and the US won.

Tuesday at Fort Floriet

Game 1: Jim's BRAT armour v. Chris' DAK inf

Chris had converted a Board game Scenario to FOW. It turned out to be rather unbalanced. The BRAT armour avoid most of the DAK & walked over the rest.

This meant that Chris could execute the Takeaway Supply Mission while Nick & Jim set up the next battle.

Game 2: Jim's Italian Armour v. Nick's Russian Armour

Jim used his Maharajah army to attack Russian HQ (1T34) + 2 huge coys of T34s + Sturmovics in a Hold the Line.

The 90's encouraged the Russians to hold back intitially, counting on a counterattack. The second tank coy arrived on turn 2, but this was balanced by the failure of the Sturmovics to arrive until turn 4.

The Ities stormed the closest objective with a mess of tanks counting on the theory that the Russian counterattack couldn't kill 14 tanks in one turn. This theory was assured when the Sturmovics, turning up for the first time, attacked their comrades. (Pic shows the situation before we found the Sturmovics were going elsewhere). A quick decisive victory for Italia (6/1), though if it wasn't for the Victory Condition they woudl ahve been slaughtered in the next turn or two. This left time for game 3.

Game 3: Jim's BRAT motorised attacking Chris' DAK Pioneers in a Breakthrough scenario.

The start is shown in pic. The Panzers are out of sight on the left. Note the packed Brit column - not much subtlety there. The Brats got an early advantage when the Honeys overran the German rocket launchers which had been deployed without support.

This changed back when a horde of Hun halftracks left their infantry on an objective and ran amock. They took out 2 a/tank platoons and an infantry platoon while the Brit armour was distracted by the Panzers (2MkIV* & 2 MkIIIJ). The Tank v. Tank battle was a desperate affair at close quarters marked by lousy shooting on both sides. The Brits were greatly helped by the Luftwaffe who took out a MkIV and in the end got the 4 Panzers for the loss of just 1 of their 9 tanks (6 Crusaders & 3 Honeys). In the end game, the $^*# halftracks raced off to take on the RHA (hoping to thus force a Coy morale test), hotly pursued by Honeys, while the Crusaders attacked a Pioneer Plat on an objective. The Crusaders succeeded and thus the Brits won a 4/3 victory.

Thursday at Camp Cromwell

Peter didn't show up for the scheduled Mahrajah so Glen's Panzer Grenadiers fought Jim's US Inf in a Hold the Line, Glen defending.

The Yanks advanced cautiously - very mindful of the 88 ambush happy to pass the time in an artillery duel which wiped out the German artillery. The 88s were eventually tempted to reveal themselves and immediately wiped out the Honeys in one turn. The US artillery tried to take out the 88's, but couldn't quite nail them. But the Germans knew it was only a matter of time and withdrew them out of sight. The Shermans then came out to play supporting an infantry rush on the objective. The 88s redployed but were taken out by the artillery before they could nail the Shermans. The 5 Shermans dealt with the 3 MkIIIs and that was Game Over.

Next Week:

Anzac Day: Afternoon game starting at say 2, hopefully Glen v. Peter Maharajah (as well as Collingwood v. Essendon).

A good opportunity for the can't-make-it-on-Thurday people.

Thursday: As usual.
Friday: Juniors night.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Camp Cromwell Bulletin 14/04/05

Thursday: 3000 pts FOW Free for All

Germans: Steve's 1500 pts Grenadier + Jim's 1500 pts DAK
Russians: Leigh & Peter both with 1500 pts Russian Infantry

The Germans in their usual fashion dug in and let the other side do the hard work.
Peter's advance was painfully slow. Partly this was due to accurate German mortar fire pinning things down, but also due to the Russians matching their advance to the slow advance of the manhandled a/tank guns - needed to keep the Panzers at bay.

On the other flank Steve's Heinies came frequently but never delivered a knock out blow while Leigh's attack proceded relentlessly in the face of terrible casualties. Despite their losses the Russians whittled away at Steve's little platoons. Jim sent his MkIVs over to help, but they did not arrive in time. Steve's company fell below half strength and failed morale.

Jim's company had just one team lost at that stage, but under the multi-company rules - 1 lose, both lose.

A victory for the Russians - probably just reward for a brave attack. Our biggest battle yet with 6,000 pts on the 2.4x1.8m table. It wasn't too crowded (at least not on the German side - see pic). It rattled along pretty well - we finished about 11.30 after a slow start. We had a spectator & hopefully new recruit in Steve Page.

Coming events:

Saturday 16/04/05: Starn & Coreen are down from Lenningrad for the weekend so we are having a game on Saturday night starting at 6. We'll apply the Takeaway Mission Table v2.0. We have a Mahrajah battle arranged - Leigh's Russians to fight Coreen's Germans.

Tuesday 19/04/05: I'll be at Fort Floriet. Possibly a Mahrajah battle - my Italians v. Starn's Russians.

Thursday 21/04/05: Glen will be back from Sydney. Could do a Mahrajah battle - Glen's Germans v. Peter's US.

Last week at Fort Floriet:

Fort Floreat practice game thursday night

USA infantry Nick vs German infantry Chris (Imitation Steve Jendrich army)

A cauldron was rolled and Chris vetoed it so we rerolled and guess what a
cauldron was rolled.

Diced for who was attacker and USA won so they decided to attack.

Germans deployed 2 inf platoons and an HMG platoon. 240 pts HE 129's (jims

USA deployed the lot 2 artillery batteries, 2 infantry platoons, mortars,
Stuarts M1o's and a recon platoon. Ouch this was going to hurt says Chris.
100pts of Jims favourite air.

Despite jims fear of air power the planes neutralised each other til late in
the game. with no stands being killed by air until after turn 7.

Surprisingly the artillery did nothing until the recon platoon moved up as
the germans were hiding gone to ground long range etc.

Turn 3 the US pushed the german inf back off an objective with the stuarts
supported by the rest.

The germans counter attacked killing 2 stuarts and forcing the Stuarts off
the objective.

Reinforcements arrived for the germans 1 inf platoon which spent the rest of
the game trying to finish off the USA recon platoon.

The stugs came on and killed a stuart forcing a moral check which the
stuarts failed.

German casualties were horrendous with the loss of 1 platoon and 5 others
close to half strength.

The key to the whole battle was the exchange between the Stugs and the M10s
the M10s baile d the stugs but failed to kill them. The stugs killed an M10
then german air finished the M10s off. The germans lost 1 stug in the

a long hard slog with the germans hanging on Nick conceded as the stug had
the objective and nothing could recapture it.

2 things of interest came out of the game

1) US artillery couldnt do much to germans dug in gone to ground who refused
to fire

2) With both players having air the planes only took out 4-5 stands in the
whole game! We were using original air rules. I think air power is more
psychological in most cases.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Camp Cromwell Bulletin 07/04/05

Apprentice's Night Last Friday

Free for all: James Oakes' German Inf v. Dillon Oakford's US Inf on the green table with fairly close terrain.

Due to James' desire for mega weapons we went to 2000 pts. I figured it was the best way to cure him of his mega weapon fetish was to let him have them. This meant that Dillon had 4 M10s, 5 Shermans & 5 Honeys.
After a digging in phase, the Germans made a half hearted attack in the centre while the Honeys went for one objective on the US left flank and the Shermans for the other on the right. The slow Beasts were stuck in the middle and couldn't deal with both attacks and the US won convincingly losing only 2 infantry teams.
The lads made the usual beginner's mistakes, but obviously enjoyed the game, probably to the future detriment of their families' financial situation.

Next morning I told James I'd show him how he should have done it and he took command of the Yanks. My masterful attack by the Beasts with infantry support went as advertised, unfortunately, before it got to its objective, the &%$*#@ Honeys overran one of their objectives. I think James is looking at light tanks in new light now.

Thursday at Camp Cromwell

FOW Free For All Scenario 1500 pts

Steve's Grenadiers v. Jim & Peter's Fucilieri

The Italians attacked their old allies. The initial advance came to halt in the face of German mortar & gun fire as 2 Fucilieri Platoons routed. The 3rd Fucilieri worked around the right flank and attacked the 88s from the flank under smoke cover, taking one out, but were then routed by the other.
But the Germans were being whittled away. The Luftwaffe took out the other 88, one of the Stugs wandered 1cm too close to a 90/53, artillery destroyed a A/A truck, mgs destroyed the Inf guns, & the Semovente 47's chipped away at the infantry while evading the Stugs. Then the Luftwaffe took out the other Stug & the Ities were on top.
It took a while to mop up, but when the Semoventes took out the last A/A, the Germans failed their army morale.

It was a long slog as infantry battles can be. The Regio Aeronautica acheived nothing whatever on the field, though they did intercept several times. The Luftwaffe must have thought the Ities were still on their side - they probably won the game for them by taking out a Stug & an 88. Confirmed my opinion that Air is good fun in friendlies, but too chancy for serious Mahrajah games.

Experimental Rules:

Most of the suggested rules seem to have support from those who replied.

There was one dissent from e) the friendly fire rule (Leigh), but everyone else was for it.
f)3): Some uncertainty about whether air attack should pin.
f)4): Leigh suggested that rather than dicing to target, targets should be limited to LOS of Coy Commander. Maybe we compromise & say you can target any platoon in LOS of CC, or dice to target any other.

More comments please.

Next week:

Thursday as usual