Thursday, February 17, 2022

Romans v. the Pontic Kingdom at Black Hills

 PeterC's Romans v. Jims' Ponts:

Pic from behind the Ponts after the first few turns.
The Pontic cavalry on their left was slow to get moving but is now advancing.
The Roman cavalry is on the opposite flank & is also advancing on the flank of their Galcian allies. 
Pontic peltasts are advancing to meet the Galacians while their own Galacians are being moved right to cover the flank of the phalanx.
The Both side's best foot are hanging back on their right flanks waitng for the enemy cavalry.

The Pontic plan began to unravel on first contact with the enemy.  The Roman's Galacians smashed the peltasts aside & charged on against the Pontic Galacians & phalanx behind.  A Pontic warband also disintigrated immediately.  The other Roman allied warband had little chance against the intact heavy phalanx, but that changed when 9 Pontic dice produced zero 4+'s.  The phalanx held on for a turn, but then with another shower of crap dice they joined the rout, leaving a gaping hole in Pontic line.
Meanwhile the Pontic cavalry threw themselves at the Roman legionaries.  The Roman shield wall & more crap dice soon disposed of 2 of the 3 cavalry units.
One of the victorious warbands stopped pursuing & is about to break the remaining Pontic foot in the centre to finish off the Pontic army morale for a crushing Roman victory. 


Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Crusaders v. Saracens again

We repeated the scenario from a few days back with mostly different players.
Saracens: Renfrey, Mark & Mitch.
Crusaders: Mike & Steve.

The Crusaders are on the right with infantry in centre, Seargents on their right, Knights & Turopoles on their left.  The Sarecens have all their cavalry on their right & infnatry on their left.
The Crusaders are advancing witht ehri cavalry while their infantry stand on a ridge. 
On the far flank, the Sergeants attack on the Saracen foot was beaten off in flurry of crap dice. 
In the centre Saracen cavalry tried an attack on the Crusade foot, but failed to break through.
On the near flank half the knights have vahregd forward while half have wheeled right to support their foot while the light cavalry of each side mostly neutralise each other.
On the far flank the Sarecen foot is folowing up the Sergeant's retreat.
In the centre the Saracenn cavary have turend to face the knights.
On the near flank, the Sarcen heavy cavalry is losing the fight v. the knights but their superior  numbers of light cavalry are beginning to take effect. 
The knight's attack on the Saracen centre has been held up by the Saracen cavalry for now, but the Sarcen cavalry is running out of steam.
The Saracen heavy cavalry has now broken, but the knights have lost heavily & harrassed by the Saracen horse archers which have disposed of the Crusader's Turcoples.  
On the other flank the Sergeants have renewed their attack on the Sarcen foot, this time with better dice & inflicting significant casualties, beaking one of the Sarcen foot brigades.

The Saracens have now lost both heavy cavalry brigades & one of two infnatry brif=gades so fail their army morale test.
The Crusader knights are still on the table, but entiring shaken.  The Sergeants have heavy casualties with only one functioning unit left.  But the Crusadee foot has only light casualties & is now the dominant force.
A clear win for the Crusaders.

The Crusaders also won last week, but theSarcens had good plan & arguably only lost through some very lucky Crusader dice at critical points.  This time the Crusaders had the better plan & won decisively.

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Crusaders v. Saracens

 Renfrey's Crusaders v. Chris' Saracens

The Crusaders are on the left.  They have delpyed all their cavalry on their rightwith their foot on a  ridge on their left.  The Saracens have also put their foot ona ridge, but with their cavalry on both flanks.
Both side's advance their right flanks.  the cRusader foot also advance, leaving the ridge to cover the flank of their cavalry.
On the near flank, the Crusader's Turcoman light cavalry are being driven back, theri Seents have smashed through the oppisng cavalry while the Sarcen cavalry are for now holdon theri own v. the knights. 
On the flank the infnatry have engaged each other whle the Sarcen cavary manoeuvre around the Crusader's flank.
On the near flank the Crusader cavalry have smashed the Saracen horse.  The Srgents have reformed but teh Knights are still pursuing.
On the far flank the Crusaer fotot is under pressure as they reploy their second line to counter teh Saracen's flanking manoeuvers. 
Half the Sergeants are driving off the Sarecen light cavalry while the other half are moving on the Saracen foot's flank.  The knights have pursued off the field (but the figs are left on the edge of the table).
Some Saracen foot are moving to protect their comrade's while the Crusader foot hang on, saved from flank attacks by a run of hot dice. 
The Crusader left is beginning to crack despite their hot dice, but the Saracen foot are not so lucky as the Sergeants hit their flank & the Knights finally return to the field.
The Crusader foot have finally ran out dice & broken, but they held up the Saracen right for long enough  & inflicted enough casualties so they don't enough left to face the Crusader cavalry which has destroyed the Saracen left with little loss.  

The Crusaders have lost 2 of 4 divisions while the Saracens have lost 3 of 4.  Both sides failed their Army Morale test at the same time, but as the Crusdaers cavalry have suffered few lossses in defeating the Saracen left & are clearly stonger than the surviving Saracens, they have a Pyhic victory.




Tuesday, February 08, 2022

Bolt Action Tank War

!500 pts Tank War scenario.
Brits: Mike, Chris & SteveJ.
Germans: Jim, Mark & Renfrey.

The Germans are on the left. 
There are 6 objectives - the village, the 3 hills on the centreline & the 2 ridges on each side.
Aftera  deployment turn within 18" of own table edge, both sides rushed infnatry forward in trucks.  The Germans held their tanks back hull down on their ridge to provide covering fire  The Brits rushed most of their armour forward.
On the nearest hill, the Brits tried to rush the germans, but were mown down by Hitler's buzzsaws.  In the centre boths sides hunkered down on their side of the hill.  On the far flank the brits occupied the village unopposed.
The Brits on the centre hill have been blown away by mortar fire but the objective remains in dispute by a Sherman.
The Brits have outflanked the far hill & destroyed the German infantry there giving them  victory with 3 objectives to the Germans 2 & 1 in dispute.  

The Germans erred in holding back hull down on the hill with their MkIII G's.  They needed to get closer to the Shermans & Grants to increase their chance of penetrating with their 50mm guns.