Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Bolt Action Tank War

Each side had two tank platoons each with 4 tanks & some infantry support.  The table is 12'x6' with 9 objective points.
Mike's Brits are on the near flank on the left, Mark's US on the far left.  Jim's Germans on near right, Steve's Germans are far right behind Mitzi. 
While the armour move up & exchange mostly long range fire on the fra end & centre of the table, the German infantry have advanced & de-trucked near the objective in the foreground.  Two bugs have advanced thru to wood to oppose them.
On the near hill the German infantry supported by a Stummel & Panther took out the British infantry, destroyed one bug & drove the other off giving them control of that objective.  On teh rest of teh front the German tanks got the upper hand.  The Allies saw no prospect of taking any objectives & conceded the battle.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Operation Sudlight: Bolt Action Tournament Devonport

Mark & I were on the road before 5.30am to drive to Devonport for the 2nd Operation Sudlight event for the year.
There were 24 players - from Hobart, Launceston, Devonport & Melbourne & 12 tables.

Mark & I both had 3 very enjoyable games.   Mark won his first game & lost the other two.  I drew in round 1, lost in round 2 & won in round 3. So we both finished in the middle of the pack.  Once again the Devonport guys put on a terrific tournament played in great spirit & enjoyed by all.

I particularly enjoyed my loss to Tristan from Melbourne.  Tristan had a Long Range Desert Group force with lots of trucks loaded with multiple weapons & some veteran infantry armed to the teeth.  The mission was Key Positions with 5 objectives.  The table had lots of roads that suited my enemy & made it a tough ask for my Panzer Grenadiers & I soon found that Tristan really knew how to use his army as he put me onto the back foot with his rapid advance & cunning tactics.  Faced with the prospect of disaster I threw caution to the winds & counterattacked. The plan didn't bring me victory, but it was great fun!  I finished the game with just 3 units left, all with heavy casualties, but the table was littered with burning trucks as my Panzergrens took more than half the LRDG down with them.  In the pub afterwards, Tristan thanked me for giving him a hell of a fright, & the his most enjoyable game of the day, even though his losses in this game robbed him of the Best Allied Prize.

I'll edit this post with more details of the results after Russell has posted them on Facebook.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Back Home for some Bolt Action

Practice game for next weekend's BA tournament in Devonport.
Mark's Brits v. Jim's Panzergrenadiers: Demolition scenario.
Both sides deployed cautiously back behind the ridges & planned to attack on their right flanks.  But after the initial actions consistently favoured the Brits, the Germans changed their plan to a tight defence of the objective to try & salvage a draw.  The casualty count greatly favoured the Brits, but the Germans held them off for the draw.