Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Bartlet's Farm 1863: ACW

Scenario from Glory Halehujah! modified a bit - fought with Hail Mr Lincoln, our ACW modification of Hail Ceasar.
Confederates: 4 brigades of 5 inf & 1 gun (John, Mike & SteveD).
Union: 4 brigades of 5 inf & 1 gun (Jim, Mark & Chris).
Mark commands 2 Union brigades around Barlet's Farm.
Jim & Chris' brigades will come on as reserves using FOW random reserves rule.
John's 2 brigade on the Reb right & Steve's brogade on their left have advanced smartly on the first turn while Mike's brigade in the centre has failed to activate.
John's 1st brigade has charged straight into action. Mark counterattacked his left flank from the house.
Jim's brigade has arrived on the Union left.  Steve's brigade is in action on the far flank.  
Jim's brigade is advancing too slowly & Chris 's has finally showed up on the far flank.  Mark is hanging on desperately as Nike's brigade finaly gets moving in the Reb centre.
The Union centre has made a fighting withdrawal & still holds the centre as the flanking brigades advance at a madningly slow pace.  
The arriuval of Mike's briagse in the centre was the last straw for Mark's RH brigade which has broken.  The Union attack on the near flank was met with a hail of hot dice & has shuddered to a halt in front of John's 2nd brigade.
Chris' attack on the far flank met with a similar fate to the Union left.  Both Union flank attacks have ground to a halt as the Rebs renewed the attack on Mark's remaining brigade, breaking it.  With that the Union conceded the battle.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Operation Kamplinger: BA Tournament at Devonport

Camp Cromwell has been in recess for 3 weeks due to an extended Kayaking expedition around Cape Barren Island.  But Chris & I were back in time for the Decvonport Gaming Club's first Bolt Action event for the year.  Chris took Soviets, Mark & I took Germans.  Steve Daniels was in Tas for hols & joined us.  It meant a 5am start on Saturday morning, but we sensibly stayed overnight & came home Sunday morning.

The venue was a school gymnasium with 8 tables for 16 players - from Hobart, Launceston & Devonport.
The terrain was, as always at Devonport, pretty spectacular & varied. The games were played in good spirit with a great bunch of blokes.  A good day was had by all.
Steve got one game as a fill-in for a player unable to play round 1.
Chris had a tough day with 3 losses.
Mark scored 1 win & 2 losses.
Jim lost 1, won 1 & tied 1 - to finish as 2nd best German.