Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Medieval 28mm

Lancaster: Mike & Chris
York: Jim
Rules our M2m house rules.

The Lancs are deployed on long ridge, but to negate that advantage the secenrio rule stated that the Yorks win if the Lancs don't defeat them.  The Yorks deployed first trying to use the patches of wood to their advantage.  The Lancs deployed all their cavalry on their left flank & immediately made a general advance.
The Yorks redeplyed their left flank cavalry to counter the concentrated enemy cavalry, advanced their left & set up a defence in the centre.

Both sides are winning some & losing somne in the cavalry fight while the foot slog it out in the centre.

The Lancs have won the first round of teh caavlry fight but the Yorks are countattacking. The Lancs foot are gaining the upper hand in & adjacent to the wood, but the Yorks are winning  left of centre.  On the far flank the Yorks men at arms have charged with bowmen on the flanks providing support.
The Yorks cavalry have been broken as has their right flank foot.  But their centre is holding & their left flank has got the upper hand.
The Yorks centre has redeployed to face the victorious Lancs left flank foot & horse which is preparing to attack.  The Yorks left has finished off their opposition & are moving to support their centre. 
The first Lancs cavalry attack has been beaten off by spearmen but the cavalry have renewed the attack while their bowmen rain arrows on the rest of the Yorks line.
The second wave of cavalry was too much for the Yorks foot & it has broken thru. It's all over for the house of York.


Tuesday, March 15, 2022

WWII: Reprise of Attack/Defend scenario

We did yesterday's scenario again with more players.
US: Mark & Mitch.
Germans: Jim & Chris.

As the US players were not present yesterday the germans used the same hidden deployment.
But this time the US deployed their entire force on their left flank.
2 Honey's were popped by Pak ambushes before 3 of the 4 Paks were knocked out.  The germans are re-deploying one infnatry platoon from the left to the centre.  They have also moved their Panzers to teh right where they are engaging the motorised infantry coming round the german right flank.
The Sherman troop has deployed hull down on the far escarpment to engage the MkIVs.
The US motorised infantry are advancing on the Germans right flank platoon. front & flank.
The tabk duel is so far indecisive but the German right flank platoon has been destroyed by a converging attack.
The US infantry is now attacking the germasn platoon in the church yard. 
The 2 surviving M10's & the 2 surviving Honeys have moved up to support the Shermans while 3 Shermans advance.   After several turns of indecisive between the Shermans & MkIVs, a flurry of sixes from the Honeys & a Bazooka turn the tide & the suddenly MkIV platoon is broken. 
With their supporting armour gone, the remaining German infantry have no chance againsy overwheming numbers & the germans concede.
 Better US strategy & a German mistake provided a much different result than yesterday. The Germans should have advanced their Panzers past the wood to close the range on the Shermans & knocked them out before the M10's & Honeys arrived.

Monday, March 14, 2022

WWII: US v. Germans: Attack/Defend Scenario

Jim's Germans defending v. Chris' US.
Figures: 15mm FOW.
Rules: Our house rules mix of FOW & BA.

The US are coming on the far side of the table with the objective of breaking thru down the road past the church.  The US have a numerical advantage of 33% & are entirely motorised, but the Germans are dug in, hidden & in ambush.  The German units are placed on a tray with cards face down corresponding the their location. They will be revealed either when they open fire or the enemy come within 12". 

The first germans to be revealed are Pak 40's opening up from ambush. 
The Paks have taken out 3 AFV,s but have lost 3 themselves.  German infantry have opened up with rifle & mg fire on the open topped vehicles & Panzerscrecks at tanks.
A troop of MkIVs have appeared on the ridge on the German left.
The Panzers have lost one to artillery fire, but have destroyed the US right.  They have now turned right to assist their right flank.  The US infantry had dismounted & asaulted the fence line, a move that coudl ahve turend the battle in their favour, but the Germans beat them off & they are pinned down behind their half tracks.  The Shermans have turned right to take on the Panzers.
The US infantry have broken under  heavy fire from the German infantry & tank MGs.  been The Sherman took out 2 Panzers, but the remaining 2 passed morale & fought back reducing the Sherman platoon to one tank.  It passed morale, but as the only surving US team has no choice but to retreat.  
The result indicates that the attacker may need a bit more advantage in this scenario than we gave them.


Wednesday, March 09, 2022

Salem Church Scenario 1863

US: Mitch, SteveJ & Chris
Confederates: Renfrey & Mike
12x6 table. 28mm figs. M2M house rules.

The Rebs deployed a brigade on the table wioth the objective of defending the ridge on the right beside the church.
The US deployed second on the left hand side with 2 brigades.
Both sides have reinforcements coming, but don't know how many & when. 
The Rebs have deployed part of their brigade in a skirmish line in the woods in the valley in front of their position around the church.
The Union have one brigade dvancing in the cnetre & another on the far flank.
Reb reinforcements have arrived & iare advancing to support the skirmish line.  Part of their 1st brigade  has moved to the right to mmet the Union's flnaking force.
Another Union brigade has apeared behind their right flank.
Firefights now extend right along the line witht he Rebs giving ground. 
Another small brigade of reinforcements has arrived & deployed in & beside the chgurch, but the main Reb line is being driven back up the ridge.
The rebel force has failed it army morale test before nightfall so the Union have won.  The Rebs failed to make enough advantage out of defence to make up for the Union's superior numbers.

Monday, March 07, 2022

More Bolt Action Tank war in the desert

Chris' Germans v. Renfrey's Brits:
Same battlefield as last Tuesday, Brits in this side of the table this time.
Forces 1100 pts.

In the early moves the Germans got to the two objectives at each end first while the Brits got to the two in the centre first.
On the far flank, the German infatry that siezed the objective were destroyed by the Brit's Reece Breb carrier which took the objective.
In the village the Germans counterattacked in strength & took the objective off the Brits.
The Brits are hanging onto the hill left of centre as they pounded by mortar fire as German infabtry advance on them from the wadi.
On the near objective the german MMG tem is hunkered down under MG fire from a Sherman as a MkIV comes to their aid.
When time ran out after turn 7, the Brits hold the far hill & still hang on to the centre hill objective. The MkIV has popped the German & the German MMG team still hold that hill. 
So the objective count is 2 each, but the Allies have lost 3 more units than the Germans so the germasn can claim victory. 

In the early moves the Germans got to the two objectives at each end first while the Brits got to the two in teh centre first.

Wednesday, March 02, 2022

Bolt Action tank war in the desert

Germans: SteveJ & Jim
Brits: Mike & Mitch

The Germans have advanced from the rigth, the Brits from the left.  There are 4 objectives along the cente of the table.  The Brits have seized the objective on the rock hill nearest the camera & the one in the village.    The Germans have the gained the hill near the centre beside the Dianna & the one on the far flank.  
The posession of the objectives on the flanks is not seriously contested by either side.  The action is all about thw centre two objectives.   The Germane are trying to hang onto the hill while they try to attack the village.  Anexchange of fire between teh armour quickly swung the odds in to Brit's favour as the the German armour was destroyed for little gain. 

The crack Afrika Korps infantry outnumbered & outgunned the British infantry but being an early war list was sadly lacking in anti-tank capability.  With their armour destroyed they could not hold off the British armour which took the central hill on turn 7 to win the battle.