Wednesday, March 02, 2022

Bolt Action tank war in the desert

Germans: SteveJ & Jim
Brits: Mike & Mitch

The Germans have advanced from the rigth, the Brits from the left.  There are 4 objectives along the cente of the table.  The Brits have seized the objective on the rock hill nearest the camera & the one in the village.    The Germans have the gained the hill near the centre beside the Dianna & the one on the far flank.  
The posession of the objectives on the flanks is not seriously contested by either side.  The action is all about thw centre two objectives.   The Germane are trying to hang onto the hill while they try to attack the village.  Anexchange of fire between teh armour quickly swung the odds in to Brit's favour as the the German armour was destroyed for little gain. 

The crack Afrika Korps infantry outnumbered & outgunned the British infantry but being an early war list was sadly lacking in anti-tank capability.  With their armour destroyed they could not hold off the British armour which took the central hill on turn 7 to win the battle.

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