Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Mech War in Tunisia

We made a few tweaks to the Spanish terrain from last week & deemed it to be Tunisia 1943.
Mike's British armoured coy v. Renfrey's German armoured coy. 
About 1650 pts each Bolt Action.

The Germans are on the right.  There are two objectives - the two farms.
After Mike took out the German MkIV on turn 2, there was a lot of ineffective long range sniping between tanks & little achieved until turn 6 with both sides having one objective occupied by infantry.  
By turn 6 Mike had a small advantage in casualties & finally started a serious attack on the near side farm house.
On 7 Mike was ready to storm the farm with infantry supported by bugs, but suddenly the Dice Gods turned on him.  His infantry fubared the attack while the German tanks finally figured out how to use their Ziess optics & most of the British armour was suddenly blown away.

 At the end of the 7th  turn & the game, both sides held 1 objective & the British had lost 5 units to the Germans 4.  So it was deemed a draw, as the casualty difference was insufficient to break the tie on objectives.

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Napoleonic in Spain

Same scenario as last week week, but this time Mike's brits on other side of tanle & the French commanded by Renfrey.

The British are on the near (left) side.  The british cvalry is out of sight & not put down as is half the French infantry & all their guns.
The French have a mass of troops on the ir extreme right flank which are advancing.  The French guns have appeard on the ridge on the left of the attacking columns. The British right is advancing but finding not French on their flank.
On the British right the farm was defensded by 2 line battalions, a rifle battalion & 2 regimenys of dragoons.  The French attack has brioken thru in the ploughed feilds, but the attack on the house was replused.
The 2nd French infnatry divison has appeared on the ridge as the British right wraps around the French left.
The Brits have abandoned the farm house before the defenders were broken by the French battery, but the French attack there has run out of steam.  
The French counterattack in the centre has taken a battery, but is faced with superior numbers & looks doomed to fail.
After the French last throw of the dice attack with their cavalry on their left failed, their positon became hopeless & they conceded the battle.

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Napoleonic in Spain

 Mike's British v. Jim's French

The French are on the near side.  Both side have some hidden cavalry.
The French cavalry have appeared on their left flank  The French are advancing on the left & deploying defensively on their right.
The French cavalry have swept around the British right flank, faced by only 2 British cavalry.
Both side's infantry is advancing on the enemy's right.
On the near flank the British cavalry charged the French guns & destroyed them, but failed to push past the French infantry that came up to late to save the guns.
A general fire fright is happening in the centre.
On the British right the outnumbered British cavalry is putting up a fight delaying the French cavalry, but is clearly doomed. French columns have stormed over the ridge breaking the unit on the end of the British line. 
On the near flank the British attack is being held off.
On the far flank, the British infantry have been forced into square by the French cavalry making them vulnerable to the musketry from the French in line.
The French cavalry is lapping around the British right flank.
The French infantry are losing the odd battalion to the Brown Besses but the encircled British right is crumbling.
The remaining French battery has redeployed forward & a whiff of grapeshot has completed the job of causing the Brits to fail their army morale test.  

A very enjoyable little battle with both sides getting their fair share of both good & bad luck, but decided by the success of the French flanking manoeuvre.  And Marmont didn't get hit by a cannon ball this time. 

Tuesday, December 05, 2023

WWI Naval

Germans: SteveJ & Mitch.
Brits: Mike & Chris.
Each side had 2BC, 2ca, 2CL & 2DD.
Rules: Dreadnoughts house rules.

The Germans are on the right. DDs closest to camera, then CL, BC & CA.
The Brits have DDs in front, then CL, BC & CA.
The German BC & CA are turning to Port behind their screen of DD & CL.
The Brit DD have turned away from the German CL.
The Derflinger has ranged in on the Tiger & vice versa.
The Brit DDs are sunk by a hail of secondary gun fire.  They got off some torpedoes first, but the German BCs stayed just out of range.
The Derflinger is pounding the crap out of the Tiger receiving little in return. 
Seydlitz & Princes Royal are also exchanging salvoes, so far without much effect.
Another devastating salvo from Derflinger has put the Tiger down.
The LCs are slugging it out at close range.
The Brits are wining the LC fight, but the Princess Royal is now under fire from both German BCs.
The Princes Royal has turned to port to try & escape the fire of two BCs & two CA.
The German DDs survive a death ride past the Brit CLs.
The Princess Royal has gone down.
The Brit LCs are being blown away by the German BC & CA secondaries.
Only the Brit CAs escape behind a smoke screen.
The German loss was 2 LC.
So a great day for the Kaiser & a very enjoyable game for us..

Saturday, December 02, 2023

Bolt Action 1250 pts

 Chris' Soviets v. Jim's Panzergrenadiers

Pic from the German side. Objectives on central hill, road junction & bridge.

Both sides advanced infantry on a broad front. The Germans soon got the upper hand in their attack on the hill, but were on the defensive in farm where the Soviets had armour support.
The Germans cleared the hill, but their defense on the left came under extreme pressure after infnatry assaults on the Stummel & the panzergranadiers in wood both went the Soviet's way.  But the Germans were able to bring their victorious squads on their right to the centre to halt the Soviet advance.
It was bloody affair with the victorious Germans losing 5 of 10 squads & the Soviets 8 of 11.