Tuesday, December 05, 2023

WWI Naval

Germans: SteveJ & Mitch.
Brits: Mike & Chris.
Each side had 2BC, 2ca, 2CL & 2DD.
Rules: Dreadnoughts house rules.

The Germans are on the right. DDs closest to camera, then CL, BC & CA.
The Brits have DDs in front, then CL, BC & CA.
The German BC & CA are turning to Port behind their screen of DD & CL.
The Brit DD have turned away from the German CL.
The Derflinger has ranged in on the Tiger & vice versa.
The Brit DDs are sunk by a hail of secondary gun fire.  They got off some torpedoes first, but the German BCs stayed just out of range.
The Derflinger is pounding the crap out of the Tiger receiving little in return. 
Seydlitz & Princes Royal are also exchanging salvoes, so far without much effect.
Another devastating salvo from Derflinger has put the Tiger down.
The LCs are slugging it out at close range.
The Brits are wining the LC fight, but the Princess Royal is now under fire from both German BCs.
The Princes Royal has turned to port to try & escape the fire of two BCs & two CA.
The German DDs survive a death ride past the Brit CLs.
The Princess Royal has gone down.
The Brit LCs are being blown away by the German BC & CA secondaries.
Only the Brit CAs escape behind a smoke screen.
The German loss was 2 LC.
So a great day for the Kaiser & a very enjoyable game for us..

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Jim Gandy said...

The ships are way out of scale with the ranges. In part, it's compensated by the fact that the ships actually has a spacing of at least 3 ship lengths between them. It ignoring the anomaly is less of an issue than having ranges three times the size of the table.