Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Napoleonic in Spain

Same scenario as last week week, but this time Mike's brits on other side of tanle & the French commanded by Renfrey.

The British are on the near (left) side.  The british cvalry is out of sight & not put down as is half the French infantry & all their guns.
The French have a mass of troops on the ir extreme right flank which are advancing.  The French guns have appeard on the ridge on the left of the attacking columns. The British right is advancing but finding not French on their flank.
On the British right the farm was defensded by 2 line battalions, a rifle battalion & 2 regimenys of dragoons.  The French attack has brioken thru in the ploughed feilds, but the attack on the house was replused.
The 2nd French infnatry divison has appeared on the ridge as the British right wraps around the French left.
The Brits have abandoned the farm house before the defenders were broken by the French battery, but the French attack there has run out of steam.  
The French counterattack in the centre has taken a battery, but is faced with superior numbers & looks doomed to fail.
After the French last throw of the dice attack with their cavalry on their left failed, their positon became hopeless & they conceded the battle.

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