Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Mech War in Tunisia

We made a few tweaks to the Spanish terrain from last week & deemed it to be Tunisia 1943.
Mike's British armoured coy v. Renfrey's German armoured coy. 
About 1650 pts each Bolt Action.

The Germans are on the right.  There are two objectives - the two farms.
After Mike took out the German MkIV on turn 2, there was a lot of ineffective long range sniping between tanks & little achieved until turn 6 with both sides having one objective occupied by infantry.  
By turn 6 Mike had a small advantage in casualties & finally started a serious attack on the near side farm house.
On 7 Mike was ready to storm the farm with infantry supported by bugs, but suddenly the Dice Gods turned on him.  His infantry fubared the attack while the German tanks finally figured out how to use their Ziess optics & most of the British armour was suddenly blown away.

 At the end of the 7th  turn & the game, both sides held 1 objective & the British had lost 5 units to the Germans 4.  So it was deemed a draw, as the casualty difference was insufficient to break the tie on objectives.

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