Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Napoleonic in Spain

 Mike's British v. Jim's French

The French are on the near side.  Both side have some hidden cavalry.
The French cavalry have appeared on their left flank  The French are advancing on the left & deploying defensively on their right.
The French cavalry have swept around the British right flank, faced by only 2 British cavalry.
Both side's infantry is advancing on the enemy's right.
On the near flank the British cavalry charged the French guns & destroyed them, but failed to push past the French infantry that came up to late to save the guns.
A general fire fright is happening in the centre.
On the British right the outnumbered British cavalry is putting up a fight delaying the French cavalry, but is clearly doomed. French columns have stormed over the ridge breaking the unit on the end of the British line. 
On the near flank the British attack is being held off.
On the far flank, the British infantry have been forced into square by the French cavalry making them vulnerable to the musketry from the French in line.
The French cavalry is lapping around the British right flank.
The French infantry are losing the odd battalion to the Brown Besses but the encircled British right is crumbling.
The remaining French battery has redeployed forward & a whiff of grapeshot has completed the job of causing the Brits to fail their army morale test.  

A very enjoyable little battle with both sides getting their fair share of both good & bad luck, but decided by the success of the French flanking manoeuvre.  And Marmont didn't get hit by a cannon ball this time. 

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