Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Rome v. Carthage

Rome: Mike, Renfrey & Mark
Carthage: Jim, Chris, Steve & Mitch
Rules: M2M Camp Cromwell house rules,

The Romans are on the right with cavalry on their right & allied infnatry on their left.
The Carthos have most of their cavalry on their left With a few cavalry onthe right with their elephants.
The carthos advanced their cavlry on their right & their elephants on their right.  They held their infantry centre back & ahave turned their right flank cavalry behind the elphants to support the centre.
There's a swriling cavalry melee on the far flank.  The innfatyr have come to grips in the centre.  The elephants are enagaged with the Roman'allied spearmen.  The Cartho right flank cavalry have suffered a command failure & held up on the creek line.
On the near flank the elpahanst have been defeated, but not withour loss.  The cavalry move on the legion's flank was blocked by triari.  In the centre the Carthaginan spearmen have defeated their oponents & the Scutari are still holding their own .  On the far flank the cavalry is  engaged in mutual destruction.
On the far flank the Punic cavalry have broken, but their opponents are in no fit state to make any further attack.
In the centre, the Legion ahs broken, but the Punic foot is no fit state to make any further attacks.
On the near flank, the Roman allied foot & the Punic cvalry are both still fit to fight, but disinclined to attack each other.  Boths sides are content to cease fighting & send news of victory back to Rome & Carthage.


Saturday, January 01, 2022

WWII Mech War

Chris' Soviets v. Renfrey's Germans
House rukles on 12'x6' table

The Germans are on the right.  2 tank platoons (5 Stugs & 5 MkIVs), 2 infantry platoons (each 6rmg+1mg+1p/f with 4 HTs), a heavy mortar platoon & 4 Pak40's.   All regulars with transports..
The soviets have 4 infantry platoons (each 10 rifles & 2 mgs), 6 med a/t guns, a medium mortar platoon & 2 tank platoons (8 T34/76 & 8 T34/85) all conscripts with no transport. 
The Soviet armour advanced en masse on the near flank & the Stugs fell back.  The MkIVs were on the far flank where they were faced by the Soviet a/tank guns & are now moving left ebhind teh german line to support the Stugs.  The Soviet infatry is advancing in the centre as the germasn infnatyr move to deploy in the wood right of their centte & thei Pak 40's move to the centre.
One of the German infantry platoons awas hit before it could deploy properly & wiped out, but the other deployed on the edge of the wood destroyed the 2 Soviet infantry platoons that attacked them.  
On the near flank, the Stugs fell back intto the dge of the wood on the ridge & disposed of the T34/76s for no loss.
In the centre the Pak 40's were destroyed before they hit anything, but bought time for the MkIVs to come up & take on the T34/85s.  The victoious Stugs joined in & the T34/85's were destroyed for the loss of 1 MkIV.
With no armour left, the Soviets were in a hopeless position & conceded defeat.