Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Camp Cromwell Bulletin 23/01/07

Jim & SteveP's Alipini v. Mark & Dylon's Strelkovy

1500 pts Breakthrough, Ities attacking. We used the hilly modified Kolin terrain again.

The Russians had 2 Strelkovy Coys, 5 T34s & 3 KV1s.
The Ities had 3 Alpini, 4HMGs, 4/100s, 4/75s, 4/75/39 A/T & the 6L6s of doom (1 Alpini & the A/tank guns in flank force).

The Russians dug in their infantry either side of the centre. The KVs moved towards the rear objective to meet the flank attack. The T34s were in reserve. The Ities attacked the Strelkovy on their left with 2 Alpini & the tanks while the HMGs & 2 batteries gave fire support. They gradually wore the Strelks away while taking steady but not crippling losses themselves in Russian counterattacks. Their attack then swung right towards the objective near the centre of the table. The 2nd Strelkovy had to move out of their trenches to cover the objective as the T34s were still coming up & the KVs defending the other objective. The Ities stormed over a hill towards them and hit them with the fire of 4 HMGs, 5 light tanks & a 100 battery (the 75's observer was obscured by hills). Dylan then found all the 1s & 2s he'd lost previously and the Strelkovy mostly evaporated (no they weren't the scorpions - Jim had tried to pass them over to the Russians, but Mark had detected the ploy). The survivors shot the Kommisar & bugged off leaving the Ities Infantry able to Avanti onto the objective. The T34s were just too far away to contest the objective, so the Ities won at the start of the next turn (which was turn 6).

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Camp Cromwell 18/1/07

Napoleonic Naval using the plastic card pirate ship models & Camp Cromwell's Man'o War rules.
French: 3 2nd raters (Nick) + SteveJ (3 3rd raters)
British 4 2nd raters (Jim & James)

The British were outnumbered, but had better crews plus the weather guage.

The Brits used the weather guage well to split the Frog squadrons and concentrate on Nick's.
One of Nick's ships dropped out of the line with heavy damage as the Brits closed in on the other two. Steve was left well out of it and struggling to get into the action as the Brits pursued Nick. Nick suddenly turned on his pursuers and got in between the Brits doing heavy damage with double shotted guns on the previously unengaged side and firing both broadsides at once. But there were 4 Brit ships to 2. One of the Frogs was boarded - it fought gallantly but crew casualties were too much & it struck it's colours. However, the British gain was short lived when the fire started in the last broadside on her caused an explosion & she sank taking the prize crew with her. Nick's other ship passed thru the Brits to join Steve's squadron & the Brits were happy to sail off claiming victory at 1 ship lost to none.

But there was a sudden wind shift that headed the Brits and allowed the French to close & it was Game-On again. With 3 fresh 3rd raters plus 2 damaged 2nd raters v. 4 damaged Brit 2nd raters, the battle was well & truely back in the balance.

The Brits managed to evade 2 of the Frogs and concentrate their fire on 3 ships. 1 Briy shop caught fire & blew up, but 2 Frogs were so badly damaged that they had to strike their colours. With 2 fresh ships bearing down on them, the Brits declined to send out prize crews & were content to get away.

With both sides losing 1 ship, the battle was draw. The card ships did the job well. They look quite good en-masse & fit the hexes better than the old models. They just need something to make them easier to distinguish from each other - maybe their name's Initial marked prominently on the sail.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Fort Floriet 16/01/07

Forty Floreat Report Tuesday 16/01/07

The regular 5 players, it would be nice to have more. Might organise a session out at Starns sometime teach the new baby boy how to War game!Game 1. 1500pts FFAAggro Fallschirmjager vs. USA Infantry Nick.

The Fallschirmjager's left flank was strongly set up in a village with artillery support and AT guns. However the right flank was only held by the Pioneers, which needed AT gun support. The Luftwaffe didn't hurt the Shermans enough. The Fallschirmjager pioneers fought on bravely as always, but were eventually overwhelmed by the Shermans supported by infantry on their right flank. Nick had to leave half way through the game due to problems back at HQ, but Sub Commander Doug took over and completed the US victory!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Camp Cromwel 15/01/07

Late War: Renfrey's Grenadiers v. Jim's Fucilieri.

1500 pts Free for All on 8x6 table (Kolin battlefield with extra stuff added).
Grenadiers: HQ, 3 x Gren, 4HMG, 3Pak 38, 5MkIVH, 4/105s
Fucilieri: HQ, 3 x Fuc, 4HMG, 4/6pdrs, 2/47s, 4/100s, 4/75s, Brit Armour (3 Shermans + 1 FF).

The main terrain feature was a chain of hills down the middle & extending to the Itie side which made artillery spotting very difficult for both sides.
The Germans decided to attack rather than face an artillery duel against the odds.
The Ities started to advance, but when the Germans also advanced, they halted most of it to meet the attack in a well chosen reverse slope defence.
The Germans tried to rush the central ridge with tanks supported by HMGs & Infantry. The HMG platoon, 2 inf teams & 1 MkIV were destroyed by artillery on the way. The Ities met the attack with 6pdrs & tanks deployed behind a ridge and infantry support coming up. The Panzers killed 1 Sherman & bailed 2, but the 6pdrs & their supports still had enough firepower to pin the Grenadiers in the assault (& with the help of Renfrey's bad saves destroy them). The Panzers then failed stormtrooper to get back over the ridge. This was a disaster - the 6pdrs & Shermans then killed or pinned all the Panzers & the Fucilieri finished them off.
After that the the Huns had no hope - the Ities systematically destroyed the remaining platoons until they failed Army Morale.
The LW Allied Ities are a mean army - I miss the MW horde of crap tanks, but 6pdrs (with HE in LW) & Shermans give them a bit of punch & the Fucilieri aren't crap any more. But it would have been a bit crowded on a 6x4 table.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Hill 275 13/01/07

300 pts DBMM -- War of the Roses English vs French Ordonnance

Met a new player, Carl. Carl has recently moved to Tas from WA, and is a serious DBx player.

Tried out the DBMM rules. These are the latest version of DBx, using mostly the same concepts, but refining them. The consensus was that the refinements add complexity to the game. There was an awful lot of '+1 if the moon is out, unless it is a blue moon, or there is cloud cover, unless aunt emma used the silver tea service last week'. There is obvious justification for each of the complexities, but added up, this is the most complex game in the DBx series.

The English had to defend a French attack. The English had two commands of archers / halberdiers / knights, and one command of hairy irish mercenaries. The French had two commands of inferior archers, halberdiers, ordonnance archers (mounted archers), and knights.

As defenders, the English get to place terrain (using dice), but then have to deploy first. The English tried to place a hill in the center of the battlefield, but the terrain dice were not good, and there was a large plain in the center of the table, with a hill to the right. (Note -- I do think the DBMM terrain placement system is improved over DBM). The English deployed to rush onto the central hill, which they managed to do. They then sat down to await events, while maneuvering their Irish allies to the woods on the far right.

The French went for a general advance. Thundering up the hill, they lost a few stands to the English longbows. But then the French knights slammed into the center of the English line and destroyed the halberdiers they were facing. Things looked grim.

The Irish general moved over and picked off one of the French knights. The French tried to exploit the hole they had created, but got lousy movement dice, followed by lousy combat dice at the critical point of battle. The English tried a desperation attack down hill with their last remaining halberdier stand in the center, and succeded in taking out another French knight. With the casulaties taken in marching in, the French lost morale, and it was game over.

In the end it was a victory that shouldnt have happened. The French had the English on toast. But we were both learning the rules and playing around.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Camp Cromwell 11/01/07

1. Kampfgruppe Commander battle
Germans (SteveJ & Renfrey) v. Russians (Barrie & Jim), Nick umpiring. A small introductory scenario played on a smal corner of the table.

The Russians had 3 T34 units of 4, 1 A/c of 2 & 2 Inf of 2. The Germans had 2 Stugs units of 2, 1 A/C of 2 & 1 Inf of 3. The Russians had 4 turns to rush the objective.

The rules require a dice roll each turn to determine how many actions you get (moves or fires) - the Russians get less than the Huns.

The Russians wondered why the Germans were wasting ammo shooting at their A/Cs, then found out about the rule taht had them losing the battle if they lost any 2 platoons. So then they had to waste an action getting the vulnerable infantry out of sight. But the Russians succeeded in getting their T34s lined up for a slug-fest with the Stugs - surely the way to victory. However, it was not to be. Their shells just kept bouncing off the Stugs while one T34 unit lost a couple of tanks then ran away, failed its one chance to rally and it was game over.

Comment: I'm not a fan of either 10 sided dice or contrived game mechanics. Maybe one could learn to like them.

2. FOW 600 pts
Germans (Jim & Barrie) v. Russians (Renfrey & Nick), SteveJ umpiring.

The Russians had a Strelkovy Platoon & 5 T34s. The Germans had a Grenadier Platoon, 2 Pak 40 & 2 105s.

The Russians rushed forward, using a village to sheild the T34s from the Paks. The 105s failed to hurt the T34s even with 5 under the template, but the Paks hurt the infantry badly before they got into the village. The T34s fired back at the 105s & destoyed them, but the Paks continued to blast the Infantry in the village and they failed morale & fled.

Then we had a game of peek-a-boo around the village as the Paks & T34s tried to get shots at each other. One side was battling Hen & Chicks, the other battling short heavy gun moves & lousy Stormtrooper dice. Meanwhile the Grenadiers advanced. The T34s lost 3 tanks to the Paks as the infantry closed in on both objectives (one each end of a long line curved impi-style around the tanks). The tanks had to attack the Grenadiers, but the Grenadiers passed morale and broke off, still in possession of one objective & it was game over.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Fort Floreat 8/1/2007

The regular 5 players this week. Doug, Aggro, James,Chris & 8th Army Nick (back from hols).

Game 1. Flames of War 1500pts -- Aggro US infantry vs. Doug Fallschirmjager in Encounter mission.

Details are sketchy but a platoon of those elite German troops took a nicely placed objective in the middle of a village. The US counter attack fizzled as a Panzerknacker took out one of the Grants. So the Fallschirmjager hung on for a German Victory!

Game 2. Warhammer 2085pts High Elves Chris vs. Vampire Counts James (both Newbs to this rule system).

Deployment (from high Elves view) Bow+lvl2, SH, chariot, spears+Lvl 2, E, RBT, Bow, E, Reaver, Sw+lvl 4,RBT. Vampires facing skelllies, wraith, zombies, skellies, Nec, Vamp Lord, Vamp count, skellies, knights, banshees,ghosty things, black coach, hounds.

Turn 1. The Vamps got first turn and advanced the left flank, the dogs scooted into the woods on the elves far right trying to out flank the RBT. The knights advanced on the central RBT and bows. High Elves cast a wall of fire in front of the Knights and also cast Arrow attraction on them as well as flames of Phoenix. The vampire player failed to dispell them. The knights had 4 left out of 10 after the Magic and shooting phases, but passed morale.

Turn 2. Vampires: The knights didnt charge? a newb mistake. Undead advanced as before. High Elves: The knights got finished off by a combination of spells and firing. The Silver helms and chariot charged some Zombies the Eagle failed its terror test and retreated. Some magic was directed at the spirit host killing 1.

Turn 3. Vampires: The black coach charged the Swordmasters. Zombies crumbled to the Helms and Chariot. central RBT crew failed their fear test and ran off. Dogs came to the edge of the forest. Vampire spells stopped by dispell dice. High Elsves: RBT killed 2 dogs, SH hit another unit of skellies, chariot failed terror and retreated. Spears charged skellies. Spells killed another spirit host. Swormasters were locked in combat with the Black Coach. Reavers & Eagle rallied.

Turn 4. The Black Coach finally lost to the swordmasters. Skellies crumbled, dogs died when charging the RBT.

Turn 5. The Vampires only had 3 Lords left and 2 Spirit hosts. The Banshees were zapped by spells.

Solid Victory to the Elves having 2 uncontested table quarters and killing 1300pts of Undead! Ya a win at last!!!!! The Elves lost 1 chariot fled off table, half a spear unit to the vampire leader who died and came back tougher. Also lost an Eagle.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Camp Cromwell 6/01/07

Jim's Indians defending a 1525 pt Cauldron v. Renfrey's DAK

The desert battlefield was dominated by a rocky ridge running to the left away from the centre. There was an objective on it and another behind it. Jim deployed 2 Infantry & HMGs with 25pdrs in Immediate Ambush. Renfrey started with 105s, HMGs & Panzers (2 IVF1 & 3 IIIJ) all well deployed on his side of the table. The 25pdr ambush was a fiasco - it missed even getting a hit on the Panzers then got blown away by 105s, HMGs & Panzers. The HMGs followed them to Nirvana next turn. Possibly the Panzers should have rushed an objective then, but one was on rocky ground & the other tucked away behind 2 lines of Injuns so Renfrey opted for an infantry attack. The 2 P/grenadier platoons stormed the ridge, but the Indian mortars were set up just in time to pin one & the 3rd Rifles arrived just in time to meet the other on the ridge & drive it back. The Panzers extracted terrible revenge on the mortars then made a belated push forward. But the Matildas & 2pdrs were now on the table to meet them while the Bugs had been sent forward on the right to disrupt the 105s - distracting them from the main game at a critical time. The 2prs died quickly & it was Matilda v. Panzer. Suddenly the dice Gods favoured the Indians & 4 Panzers were destroyed by the Matildas & the last was`finished off with infantry. The P/grenadiers tried one last attack, but the Indians stood firm and it was Game Over.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Camp Cromwell 04/01/07

Kolin 1757

Prussians (SteveJ & MarkO) v. Austrians (Renfrey, SteveP, Dylan)
Jim umpiring, Nick here for a while.

In the real thing the Austrians were deployed on a hill ready for Fred. Fred marched his army across their front to outflank their right. But the Austrians redeployed to meet the attack and repelled it with heavy loss.

In the wargame, the Prussians follows Fred's plan with a wide sweep around the Austrian right with the cavaly supported by an infantry attack on the centre. Cuirassiers artilley & Grenadiers kept the Austrian left busy. The Austrians redeployed by advancing their left and extending their right to a new line almost at right angles to their start line.

The Prussians generally got the run of the dice in the cavalry fights, but it was their well coordinated attack on the centre with infantry & cavalry that broke the Austrian line. The Austrian supports were too close behind and were compromised by a flow of routers through them.

The Prussians did not lose a unit before the Austrians failed Army Morale with half their Command Groups in rout.

The revisions to the Camp Cromwell Rules seemed to work very well with just a couple of bugs identified & fixed as we went.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Fort Floriet 02/01/07

Game 1.

1500pts phased Withdrawal Doug (Pommy infantry) vs. Aggro GrenadiersAggro attacked with his grenadiers but found the 3 Churchills too much for his Stug G's to handle.The grenadiers took the left hand objective but were booted back off by a british infantry counter attack.The german command teams again assaulted but lost. In a last desperate effort the germans remaining Stug took the objective only to have it removed (defender gets to remove one) before victory could be completed.The Churchills mopped up and a win to Doug first one for 2007 :)

Game 2.

Encounter 1600pts Brat Light Armour James vs. 1500pts Panzers ChrisThe Dak Defended the right with 1 platoon of 3 X PanzerIII (J lates) & 1 Iv F2. While pushing on the left.By concentrating the tanks on the DAK left they out shot the 3 Honeys, 3 Shermans & 3 ATR Carriers.The Dak took the objective on about turn 4 for the loss of only 4 panzers. 6:1 win to the DAK