Friday, September 30, 2005

Camp Cromwell Bulletin 29/09/05

Tuesday at Steve II's

Jim's Fucilieri v. Steves' Russian Infantry.
The Ities defended in a Breakthrough.
The Itie army was an Avanti Savoia Russian Front mix - no 90's or 88's, no big Semos or M14's. They did have 2 Pak40's kindly attached from their allies to give them some punch. Both sides had air.

The pic is Turn 3. The Russians are coming from the far corner. The Itie armour reserve has come on in the two side corners. The Russian infantry left of centre is having a hard time it pushing thru the wood (held by Fucilieri). The Russian guns in the centre have been decimated. The T34s are bogged down, intimidated by the 75s & Pak 40s. But the other Russian infantry coy comes on next turn in the near corner and over-runs the objective on the near hill. The Itie counterattack is terrible and destroys them. For a while the Ities think they have won, but on checking the Breakthough Victory Conditions & re-counting the turns, it is noticed that the Ivans actually still held the objective at the start of their Turn 6, so they won even though their army was already mostly dead & the rest of it soon to be so ("from Turn 6"... means Turn 6 or later).

Thursday at Camp Cromwell

Marusz's Polish Armour v. Steve II's Russians.
Hold the line - Poles attacking.
Steve gave Marusz a fright when his infantry horde swamped a Honey platoon, but in the Main Event the 8 Shermans/Grants outslogged 8 T34's to gain the descisive advantage. A Polish win.

Steve's Grenadiers v. Mark I's US Mechanised Inf.
Hold the Line - US attacking.
It was heavy weather for the Yanks in the face of fiece resistance. The US Arrmour looked dangerous once the **'s had been knocked out, but the Luftwaffe fixed them in the end. A German win.

Also present: Jim, Mark II & Peter Williams.

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