Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Fort Floriet 23/05/06

Two new players were introduced to FOW and enjoyed their game. Robert also dropped in for a while. 1500pts FFA Darren British light Armour vs Dion Panzer Kompanie. DAK deployed Carri platoon and Panzers on their right objective & Honeys, Recon 8 rads and 2nd Panzer on their left. Brats: 2x brens on right, 1st crusader III's on right objective, 2nd Crusader III centre with 25 pounder half battery, left 1x 4 Crusader II's Command & other 2 platoons Crusader III's. Both players advanced on each flank to engage. The Carri platoon were hull down but were the first to be killed by swarms of Crusaders on the Brats left flank. The Panzers on this flank took out the 4 crusader II's and the Brat command but were swamped and killed by the remaining Crusaders. Both sides had lost their C in C's but the germans were closer to breaking and were about to lose an objective. The panzers doubled to protect their right hand objective and saved it. Meanwhile on the Brat right flank the brats lost 2x Brens (ATR's) but destroyed the Stuarts with support from some crusaders, so the germans failed Coy morale and fled. 4-3 win to the Brats and a close tussle without much coaching from the Referee :)

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Anonymous said...

yes that was my first ever game of "FOW". what an awesome gaming system. I'm converted, anyway Warhammer fantasy is way to ambiguouse. I am currently building a "Desert Rat" Force in 1 :76 scale. One day i will transfer over to the smaller guys. A huge thanks go's to "Fort Floriet", Chris was very helpfull in everything, supplying models through to intuition.