Sunday, October 15, 2006

Camp Cromwell Thursday 12/10/06

Present: Jim, MarkO, SteveJ, Chris Arthur & James
SteveJ's Panzers v. MarkO's US Inf
2000 pts Trenchfight on Mediteranean Terrain.
The US deployed GIs on the objective, 1 of 2 105 batteries in rear & had Shermans & 57mm A/tank in ambush.
Steve made a methodical approach in two columns. Engineers & tanks on the right where woods covered the advance. Tanks supported by Tiger on the left behind Recon.
The 2nd US artillery was deployed as 1st reserve & the Time On Target began to hurt the Germans (one salvo took out a platoon of 3 tanks). The attack on the German left reached the infantry on the objective but the Sherman ambush & oncoming Honeys & M10s blew them away. Remaining MkIIIs & the Tiger played hide & seek about a wood while sniping away & gradually reduced the US Armour on the flank.
On the other flank the advance drew the A/tank gun ambush, killed 2 of them, pinned the rest then attacked the objective. The GIs were destroyed as was a second platoon sent in from reserve & the Panzers took the objective. But they but couldn't survive the fire of the artillery, surviving a/tank guns & M10. They failed army morale with just the Tiger, Engineers (in an infantry fight in a village covering the right flank) & a bailed MkIII left.
The US didn't have air, the Huns did, but it did nothing - mostly didn't show & when it did, it never hit a thing - maybe the difference between winning & losing.

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