Thursday, December 28, 2006

Pottery Rd 28/12/06

Steve & Nick Page's Strelkovy v. Mark & Dillon Oakes' Grenadiers. Jim umpired (bushwalking plans scuttled by mate's dicky knee).
2000 pts Encounter Mission.
The Russians deployed 2 Strelkovy & the Gods of War leaving KVs, another Strelkovy & some a/tank guns in reserve.
The Huns deployed 1 Gren, HMGs & 2 105 batteries, leaving 2 Gren, 88s, Pak 97/38s & AA in reserve.
Both had airpower (though it acheived bugger all for either side).

The Strelkovy rushed forward as always. On their left the German HMGs & a 105 battery plus a lot bad unpinning dice (the kommisar got shot) stopped the attack. On their right the Grenadiers & HQ were over-run and destroyed, but the Strelkovy were taken below half strength in the Assault. Nick then threw 2 for morale, 1 to get the Kommisar shot & 2 again for the CIC re-roll. So the remaining Strelkovy ran away leaving the objective undefended by anybody (apart from a large pile of bodies).

Both sides reserves were slow to arrive. The 88s & KVs both came on on the German left & took each other on. The KVs got first shot & missed. The 88s got a KV & the other 2 thought better of it & took cover behind a hill. The 3rd Strelkovy advanced in the centre under heavy artillery fire & destroyed the Grenadiers sent to meet it, but was in poor shape afterwards. The other Strelkovy (on their right) was down to it's last few teams. The KVs were skulking behind a hill. The Gods of War were being whittled away by the 105s. But the Huns didn't constitute much of a threat either - they only had 1 mobile unit left - a shot up Grenadier Platoon.

The game had bogged down into an artillery duel & it was getting late, so a tie was agreed.

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I love the looks of the terrain!!!!