Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Firestorm Campaign Session 2

The Russians attacked both Mogilev & Vitebsk.


Rich's Strelkovy attacking Steve's Speverband in a Hold The Line.
Steve took Festerplatz & thus had some fortifications. On the other hand he was out of supply and threw a 1 so was down one morale step for all his troops. The Germans had a Pioneer Firestorm Troop, the Russians had a Shtraf and an IS2 Coy Firestorm Troop. The Russians advanced a wall of infantry down their right where there was a wood providing some cover to their aproach. The SU122s & IS2 were in the centre & artillery in rear. The Germans had a good defence set up & backed it up with good shooting. A Pak platoon destoryed the Russian armour. The German artillery did great execution on the infantry. The Sappers didn't even get to the wire. The infantry did, but were then mown down by machine gun fire. The Germans did lose a platoon so it was a 5:2 victory. Because the Germans used Festerplatz, the Russians retired to where they came from (Slavgorod) but less the IS2's - lost in the Firestorm roll.


Byron's Tankovy attacking Richard's Sperverband in a No Retreat.
Richard took Festerplatz & got fortifications. This togther with a wide river across the table gave him a formidable position. On the other hand he was out of supply and had to reduce his force to 1200 pts. The Germans had 1 Firestorm troop - Pioneers, the Russians had 2 - Sappers & IS2's. Byron advanced with Strelkovy in the centre witht eh T34s & IS2s. The Sappers & Shermans crossed where the river curved back towards their rear and advanced on the right (with Stuarts behind in the queue). The Germans were fortunate in getting 1 reserve per turn, Stugs, Panzer IVs & Sperr to supprt 2 Pioneer Platoons on the two objectives & 88s in ambush. The 88s knocked out some Shermans, but made no impression on the IS2s. Then the Stugs joined in v. the Shermans & quickly finished them off (4 dead, 3 bails & failed morale). But the Strelk had crossed the river and attacked the flank of the Pioneers on the German left. They drove them back then took out the 88s, but next turn's fire reduced them to below half & they failed morale. The Sappers moved to the left to clear the Anti-tank ditch beyond the bridge only to realise that it would take some time to do so. Meanwhile the Stugs & MkIVs wiped out the Stuarts in one turn & the Sperr had come up. Many Sappers died under a hail of machine gun fire. They tried to attack out of trouble & finished off the 1st Pioneers but then failed morale leaving the Russians with 4 Coys routed & 2 left. They immediately failed Coy morale. The Germans had lost 2 platoons so it was a 4:3 victory. The Russians retreated back to Donryna where they came from losing their Sapper Firestorm Troop.

Campaign situation after these battles

The Russians have lost 3 battles & won only 1. They have also lost 5 Firestorm Troops to none. The Russian players are all showing their lack of experience with Russian armies, while the Germans are generally old hands at being Kraut. But the Russians are learning fast - they were unlucky to lose 1 of 2 on week 1 and this week we found out that the Festerplatz fortifications make a big difference - plus the terrain on the Vitebsk table was pretty bad for them. But even after their losses, the Russians remain in a good position strategically as Vitebsk, Orsha & Mogliev all remain cut off with a lot of Germans in the pocket & they'll get their losses replaced in the campaign turn next week.

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