Sunday, May 03, 2009

Total War 02/05/09

Jim's Tankovy + Strelk v. James: Panzer + Spevverband in 3000 pts Total War on 8x6 table.

The Mission is quite different from the typical in that you accumulate a VP by holding an objective at the start of your turn. There are 6 objective - 2 on each side & 2 in no mans land. Support troops are separated from the Coys and combined, so in this case we each had effectively 3 Coys - Tank, Infantry & Support. The battle ends either at an aggreed time or when one side hads lost all the Coys or all but 1 Coy & all the support platoons.
The Russians attacked with armour on the left, Staff in centre & Strelk on the right. The Russian armour won through to the objective, but just 4 Hetzers supporting the infantry made it a costly & time consuming exercise.
The straff took their objective before being slaughted by HMGs as usual.
The Russian attack on the right went pretty weel fro a while, but German counterattack by grenadiers & Panzers stoped it and the Germans took both objectives on that flank. But Russian reserves in a town stopped further advance.
Back on the Russian left, the Tankovy finally disposed of the pesky Hetzers & were able to turn right and meet the Panzer counterattack.
At the start the Russians gained objectives & accumulated an advantage in VPs, but the Germans counterattacks reversed the match & they caught up & got in front. As we had all day to fight & neither side really got on top, the battle degenerated a bit at the end with both sides all but destroyed. The germans did finally fail morale after about 5 hours, but if their ahd been a time limit, it's anybody's guess who would have been in front when the bell went. Pretty much a draw really.

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