Sunday, October 04, 2009

Camp Cromwell Wargames Rules

I have posted the Camp Cromwell Wargames Rules on the right hand side bar. These comprise:

Marathon to Marne:
Rules for land warfare before the machine gun.  These have just had a major revision.  While play testing of the revised systems has only extended up to the Napoleonic Wars and the details for large 19th century battles using 6mm are still being worked on, the rules are ready to use for earlier periods .  Areas still under development are in italics.  The rules are designed primarily for 15mm figures, but can be used for other scales.  They will be updated from time to time as we continue to tweek them in the light of battlefield experience.

Rules for naval warfare from around 1900 until airpower became dominant.  They can be used for the Russo-Japanese war, WWI & the early part of WWII.  (We never got around to adding rules for airpower).   We use ship models about 50mm long on a 75mm hex grid.

Men o' War:
Rules for naval warfare in the age of sail - from Drake to Nelson.  We use old Airfix ship models about 100mm long on a 75mm hex grid.

Modder Fokkers:
Rules for WWI air war.  We use 1/72nd scale plastic models on stands made of wooden dowels on a 75mm hex grid.

WWII Campaigns:
Rules for WWII campaigns designed for use with Flames of War tactical rules.  The Camp Cromwell system was developed because the Battlefront "Axis of Attack" campaign system was so inadequate.  Battlefront have since published their "Firestorm" campaign rules.  These are much easier to use than the Camp Cromwell system and may well better hit the spot between realism and playability for most players.  The Camp Cromwell system is a much more complex system with more emphasis on the campaign rather than the battles and I expect would only be of interest to hardcore gamers.  

I have no illusions that anyone actually takes up and uses free-to-air wargames rules.  But these rules have provided us at Camp Cromwell with a lot of good wargaming over the years and they may of interest to some.  I'd be pleased to hear any feedback or answer any questions by email (address in blog heading above).

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