Friday, November 19, 2010

Magnesia 190 BC 13/11/10

Refrey's Romans
Jim's Seleucids

According to the historians (all Roman) the Romans were outnumbered 2:1 and still won a decisive victory.  While the Roman army was composed of highly motivated veterans & the Seleucids were the usual mix of mercenaries and drafts, it is most likely the historians fudged the figures to make their country look good.  In our scenario we allowed a few more Pergumene allies for the Romans than allowed by Livy - troops easily overlooked in the telling.  The Roman army had better command & control and better morale than their opponents.

Renfry deployed first with his legions resting their right on the scrubby hills thus leaving only one hanging flank protected by his Pergumene allies.

The Seleucids replied by deploying their phalanx opposite the legions with elephants in front, then their masses of grotties & cavalry on the right.

The Seleucids held their phalanx back & advanced with their first line accross the front.  The Romans advanced the legions with their left echeloned back.  The elephants were dealt with by the legions with little loss and they continued on to ttack the phalanx.  The attack was supported by some peltasts sneaking up through the rough ground to outflank the end phalanx.  The phalanx line began to unravel from the left.

On the other flank the Seleucids tried to smash forwrad with their first line then manoeuvre their second line into the flank of thre legion.   But with their good staff work the Romans were able to delay their plan by feeding second line troops into the fray.

The 3rd phalanx from the end put up a stubborn fight with the help of the companions, lead over by Antiochus to cover the open flank.  But in the end it had to break & that was the battle.

Both pics taken from behind the Seeucid left.  Te first when the elephants & legion meet, the second near the end.

The same scenario is now being used in a PBEM experiment - report to follow when it's over.

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