Saturday, February 12, 2011

Renfrey's Last Stand

Renfrey's last game before returning to England for our winter.

Renfrey's British Armour v. Jim's Panzer Grenadiers
1750 No Retreat on 6x4, Germans defending.

The Germans probably did well losing the roll for Attacker.  Pioneers were deployed on reverse slope at the forward objective, Stugs behind & Marders in ambush with Armoured PGs, Werfers & 3 Stugs in reserve.  The Brits had 3 Sherman platoons with Fireflies, M10's, Sextons & 2 Rifles.

The oncoming tide of Brits looked fearsome, but the Germans got their 2nd Stug platoon on turn 2.  They came on with targets in range, the Stugs behind the hill poked their noses out & the Marders came out of ambush all at once.  One Sherman platoon and most of the M10's evaporated.  The Brits regrouped behind the wood and resumed their advance.  Around the wood the Germans lost a Marder & couple of Stugs, but it wasn't enough.  The Infantry attack in the woods was beaten off by mg fire.  The Marders & Stugs took out another Sherman platoon.  The Infantry attack on the hill was stopped by rmg fire, then annihilated  by a counterattack by the Pioneers.  The Brits the failed army morale.

Pics taken from behind German left.  Pic 1 before the Germans fight back.  Pic 2 the Brits regroup.

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