Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Bolt Action Tank War: 2222 pts a side

Soviets: Jim, Chris & Mike.
Germans: Mark & SteveJ.
The same armies as last week except the Germans swapped 3 MkIV & a Puma for 4 Hetzers.
There are 7 objectives: 1 6" from each road exit, 1 on teh cross road & 2 on ridgetops. 
The German plan seemed to be to sit hull down & kill Russians.  The Soviets rushed forward to grab objectives & fired back as best they could.
On the near flank Soviet vets in the HT took the objective then went further forward to the wood where they were counterattacked by panzergrenadiers with better dice & got destroyed.  But the Soviet tanks kept the Panzergrens pinned down in the wood with mg fire.
In the centre Soviet infnatry grabbed teh house to hold that objective.
On the far flank, the Sovet infnatry got shot up in their truck o turn 1 & spent the rest of the battle pinned down.
Last weekt eh Soviet tanks took on the superior numbers of German tanks & destroyed them. THis week the dice gods decided it was pay back tine & the only German loss was a Hetzer hit by the SU-122 whole most of the Soviet armour was toasted.  
Despite horendous casualties, the Soviets still held 4 of the 7 objectives at the end of turn 7.  But the dice then allowed a turn 8 to give the Germans a chance of pulling it back. 
To win the Germans had to take the near objective with their panzergrens who had 4 pins & no NCO.  The Germans got first command dice so avoided further pins before testing then threw exactly the 5 they needed to move onto the objective. The Soviets fired everything they had at the panzergrenadiers but fell short of forcing a morale test, so this time the Germans won.

So two weeks in a row, one side was slaughtered but still only lost by bad luck in the last turn.  The dice can drive you crazy in BA Tank Wars, but it's a still a great game.

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