Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Sikh War Campaign: Battle of Ludhiana

At last the campaign has moved on from Ferozepore to another location.
The British hold Ludhiana with 5,000 men. 
2 Sikh divisions (about 20,000 men) face that force on the banks of the river north of the town.
2 more Sikh divisions (similar numbers) have arrived from the west to attack the position.

Pic taken from behind the British position turn 5 of 24 for the day.  The Brits have a fort & 3 redoubts.
With the Sikhs to the north inactive, the Brits redeploy to face the Sikhs coming from the west. (The campaign includes  provision for the historical lack of cooperation between the different Sikh armies).
The Sikhs get a nasty surprise when another British force appears on their right flank.
With their poor command factors, the Sikhs struggle to form a new line to face the British flank attack.
The Sikhs put a good fight with hot dice partly making up for lack of skill.  Their infantry is still holding on, but their cavalry is hit from two sides as the Ludhiana force's cavalry joined in & broken.
The Sikh infantry on their right flank has fallen back still capably of fighting after inflicting high casualties on the British British infantry.  British Sepoys are now taking over the front line.  The British cavalry is running out of steam against the centre Sikh division's cavalry & more hot Sikh dice.
It is mid afternoon when we called time for the night.  At this stage, both sides are reorganising their forces on this side of the battlefield.  On the far side, the Sikhs are finally showing some signs of movement.



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James Fisher said...

Another great looking game. I really like those colourful 'uniforms' of the Sikhs.
Regards, James